Okay I am officially cool now, I think…    

   For some unknown reason, this blog seemed like a lifeline of sorts to me!  There are so many things going on in my head and life that putting them down (not on paper anymore) looked like the only way I could start to sleep at night!    

   To kick things off, I am NOT a writer, at all!  I actually despise trying to be creative in my wording.  My husband, Thane, however is very good at it.  I tend to write like I talk, so please forgive the grammar, italics, CAPS, comma’s, hyphens, etc.   I will get him to proof-read when he can.  Thane started blogging a few months ago.  He just took off (exploded really), and the thoughts, words, letters just seem to ooze out of him at times.  I am envious.  So THAT is the reason for me to, give it a spin!  Plus I am curious if there are others out there with the same concerns, ideas, and thoughts as myself.  

   This last few months, 5 to be exact, have been a whirlwind.  Thane & I both turned 36 this Fall and seemed to have hit a mid-life change.  Fortunately for us, we are on the same page! 

   He resigned from his long term (10 year) job and is now working from home, I went back to work (after 8 years of being a stay home mom), we put our house on the market, we have agreed to start downsizing our un-needed/wanted possessions, we both want to start our own business’, the list can go on and on and on…  We are at a crux right now.  How do we get to where we WANT to go?  We would like to be our own boss’ so to speak, as well as be creative in our lives and still be able to financially provide for our family.  Whew, no small task I think.    

   Back to blogging…  The name, Threads in my Stash, came to me last night when I should have been sleeping.  The Stash (me) and the threads (my interests) are varied.  I absolutely LOVE to sew!  Actually I came across the term craftivists a few weeks back, and that pretty much fits.  Any type of craft I am curious about, some more than others. Some areas of interest to me that I will include on this blog: reading, children, parenting, my husband, jobs, ideas, patterns, art, etc.    

   From this point on Thread in my Stash will be a blog on all of the above and so much more!  I hope you take the time to read, comment and fill my box with suggestions and ideas!