After much ado today, I FINALLY got my etsy shop up and running. 🙂 Yeah!

It is a super-cool way to buy/sell all things handmade. On Etsy, pronounced like Betsy without the B, you can search for local things to buy or national or international, but the basic premise is that they are handmade. Nifty huh?

Today was the day for me to take photos of some of my things (Yes, even at -20 degrees I went outside for the photos) and to figure out how posting them works. So I am anxious for you all to check it out and give me some feedback. Good/Bad/Indifferent. I will be posting more items in the store as the week runs on too. This week is so busy and it hasn’t even started yet.

The sewing jobs are rolling in thank goodness, so maybe there is potential to change things again and work from home AGAIN! Maybe if I was recieving health benefits at my ‘real’ job that would make a difference. You think? Nope, me either… 🙂