As I lay awake from 2-6 a.m. last night all I could think about were names! 

Nice huh? 

I came to the conclusion that my brain is not very ‘snappy’ in the cool name department.  So I am BEGGING for you help.  🙂  PLEASE!!!  Save me from my nights of sleeplessness…

So here goes!  I need some really cool-catchy names for my items that I have listed on Etsy.  I noticed that lots of the other sellers are very whimsical in theirs.  Here are the items listed and my dreary names… 

Now if you are not familiar with my bags, their shape stays relatively the same, their fabrics and accessories change.  If you needed to know that?  🙂 

I have also been toying with the name for the shop, if and when it comes to be.   Mostly because it is too cumbersome for me to refer to it as the ’boutique/lounge/classroom thing’.  I would like something descriptive about its nature.  Some of the ideas that I keep coming back to are:

  • Simply handmade
  • (Something) handmade
  • All handmade

I guess you can get the picture that my brain is NOT good with names.  🙂  So I am begging all of you, my dear cyber-friends, to help me come up with a name.  What is in it for you, you ask????  How about a brand new tote bag?  Made by little old me?  You can even pick your colors – OR – it can be a surprise to you!  Your choice…  So let the games begin, I guess I am actually starting a CONTEST

So let’s give it a deadline of Saturday, January 19th. 

Cheers!  🙂