Who would have thought that blogging would be so, so, so….  competitive!  🙂 

I am smiling as I say this.  Since I started blogging, there seems to be an edge of competitiveness in the house.  Whose blog is getting more hits, why, etc? 

Yesterday, Thane had his all-time best day (thanks to me) in visitors to his blog.  You see I happened to be reading another blog & left a comment with his blog link.  🙂 

So, now we have to decide who REALLY gets the points for those blog statistics?  I am guessing it would be me, his loving & dear wife! 

I have been cruising along with Etsy today.  Got photos of all my bags done & loaded! 

Check it out if you can. 

Don’t forget that we are having a Name Contest too!  🙂  What is in it for you????  Maybe a new tote bag if you win. 

Thank you all for the emails & comments about Etsy, my blog & my ‘hopeful’ venture into my own business.  You are all dear to my heart!