As I was blog surfing tonight I came across this article

Has some great questions, or rather it left me with some good questions.

*   When you have a great idea, SHOULD you share it?  (My natural tendency is to trust EVERYONE, and think that EVERYONE is on my side. I am aware enough to know that this is not the case.)
*   Is it feasible, now in 2008, with the economy where it is at, to start a new business?
*   How will a community based gift business go over in this day and age?
*   Why, why is my brain so preoccupied with having my OWN business? Am I glutten for punishment? Will I sink or swim?

I am plagued with these questions and so many more, day & night, most nights (all night), when I should be sleeping.

I have signed up for a Starting a Small Business Class on February 8th. Wish me luck!

My hopes for this are that I can fine tune my ideas for a new, small business here in Fairbanks. Guess if it goes GREAT we could have a chain of them across the nation! Okay, okay I will think small first. 🙂  I would dearly love to start a sewing lounge here in town with a gift area on the front of the shop.

What is a sewing lounge you ask? This is a place where people can come and be creative together.  There will be sewing machines for rent, cutting tables & supplies to use, couches available for those with yarn issues! 🙂 Classes will be offered from different artisans in the community, featuring their particular trade. The boutique will hold ALL locally made items! What do you think? This creative space would have a good energy about it, and hopefully bring more people together and form a better sense of ‘community’. 

I know that I keep mentioning that word, are you sick of it yet?

How about the word synergy? Do you like that one? I looked it up online and the definition that I liked best was: the working together of two things to produce an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects. This is something that I love to do, working with others, to complete a task/event/etc., that could not be done alone, and having it turn out FABULOUS! I love to try new things, some I like when I am done, some I don’t. But at least I have tried! That is what would be so great about having artisans coming together to teach their trade! It feels good to make something with your hands, it feels good to learn something new, it feels good to know that you are surrounded by like-minded people and ‘creating’ things.