Well, I officially jumped from the cliff into an unknown abyss called my future.  Yikes!  🙂 

But resigning from my job was not nearly as bad as I had anticipated.  Maybe it was actually quite pleasant, in a moving ‘ahead’ sort of way.  I do feel lighter, clearer in my thoughts too.

Most of last week I spent thinking about this upcoming process.  It helped to spend last weekend at UUFF in a ‘Care’ workshop.  This is where we are learning to set up a system for taking care of the needs of others in our Fellowship.  Because we are lay-lead, there is not a leader/minister to guide us in this direction.  Just a committee of well intentioned beings. 

While being there and speaking to some about my impending resignation, it was nice to get the wisdom of others.  Many different ways to look at the problem, and more than enough solutions.  What great people!  That was Friday & Saturday.  Then on Sunday the service was all about the choices that one makes in their lives.  True this was in an environmental sort of way, but it still had me concentrating on changing/moving/shifting/resigning. 

Finally, now I can rest in peace and catch up on some sleep that I have been missing out on. 

(Oh and Thank you to everyone who was thinking of me!)