My friend Meadow and I, have been trying to connect up for about 2 weeks now I think.  🙂  But between us both (having 2 kids each, jobs & husbands) we have not succeeded.  Due to kids, school, work, schedules, etc.

So after many emails we have it booked!  An actual date!  With a time and everything…  I am so happy…  Meadow made the comment that it was funny we still have the back-up phone numbers ‘just in case’.  Hopefully this time we won’t have to use them.  Then she said (typed) “Ahhh the life of a Momtrepreneuer…”  What?  What is that???  I have never heard of this new term, so off I was to google it.

Could this be what I am doing with The Stash?  I wonder?

I have thought about work (and what that means) a lot this week.  Probably starting with the comment that Jolie made: “Mom you make a better stay-home mom than a working mom!”  Hmmm, is that a back-handed comment?  🙂  I am sure she meant well, just that it is nicer to have someone around doing kid-focused things right?  I am sure that is what she meant…  🙂 

Momtrepreneuer I had no idea this was a ‘real’ thing.  Just thought it was something that I have done out of necessity for 8 years.  Wow, I am hearing empowerment bells ringing in my ears?  I LOVE THIS!!!!

Definitely something that I will be researching more this week.  There is such a need for Mom’s to be empowered to use their braincells AFTER the kids arrive.  True, mine are not anything like they used to be.  Especially with numbers, but I am better at other things though.  Like gaining a new sense or something.

Starting a new business, The Stash, will be something of a stretch on my brain cells I am sure.  Hopefully though, all my Momtrepreneuer friends will help me through.  I have a great ‘big’ picture in mind, just getting to the goal will be the hard part.  But think of all the things that us Mom’s can do, and the skills we have!  Maybe The Stash can be a launching point for us all, do you think pooling our efforts and skills will be a catalyst for more ‘paid’ work for us in the future? 

Hmmm, something to think about…  Send your comments and let me know what you think!