Now I can NOT knit to save my life…  But I do love yarn and like to play with crochet.  Yes, I can NOT read a pattern either, but as I was told once, if you just repeat the same thing over and over, it will LOOK like you know what you are doing!  🙂  Great advice huh?

Rebecca sent me an email today about something she came across…  It is a totally cool idea, called Purls of Wisdom.  Such a great way to pull together the strengths of others, a great topic, lots of handmade goodness ALL for the benefit of others. 

I will definetly be looking more into this and seeing how hard it would be to incorporate these ideas into our fellowship OR The Stash.  This could be a community wide event too!  Oh, the ideas are flowing…

Please let me know your thoughts and if you have any ideas about this!

Here are some other sites that I found as well: