My dear friend Lori (known her for 30 years now) sent me a link to this wonderful USA Today article…  Very powerful and empowering for parents who are struggling with the decision TO or NOT TO attend church (for lack of a better term) and the affects on their kids.  Her email reads:

I happened upon this article posted in my Yahoo news. I’ve heard about Nica Lalli’s memoir, Nothing: Something to Believe In but I haven’t read it. I’ve loved reading your blogs about your involvement in the UU ‘church’ and I’ve been tempted to attend Fresno‘s UU a few times, but still haven’t done so. We come from such a diverse community that I know I need to do more to educate Josie about different religions to avoid ignorance but so far, we haven’t gone.  After reading this article, I’m feeling less guilty about not going to church but I really took Janie’s comments in her blog to heart—something you said about how great it is to be part of a community that thinks like you think and supports your family.  We have a small group of friends that think like I think and raise their children as I’m raising Josie but being part of a larger ‘community’ might be good for Josie.  Anyway…I thought of you two when I read this article and have a feeling you’ll enjoy reading it. Now I’m going to see if I can order her memoir through the library or 🙂

This article is very poignant and is for the most part, exactly how we are raising our kids.  BUT I think that many families out there are NOT providing this active discussion/education of religion for their kids.  Spirituality, creativity, freedom of choice and thought these days seems to be lacking in the fast paced world of drive-thru restaurants and long days at school & after school activities.  (Please don’t get me wrong here, we do all of the items mentioned before too!  That is why I feel comfortable pointing those items out.)  I know for a fact how hard it is to have a direct, meaningful conversation with kids while you are on the go!  Somehow it just doesn’t seem adequate to do during the commute home from school.

 I encourage you to comment or email me with your words of wisdom in how you reach your children, and what your families do to support diversity as well as the ‘choice’ of religion or not with your children.  Cheers!