The Stash Update…  And other life mysteries under our roof!

Yes, yes…  I am still around.  Am getting the hint from your emails that I haven’t written on my blog in a bit.  Or at least nothing of much importance!  🙂 

Probably because things are crazy around here!  Okay, that term is nothing new for our house, BUT it has been ‘especially’ crazy lately.  A few things that have happened in no certain order:

  • Our house is in the process of selling. (Yippee!)
  • We have been searching for a new house to buy. 
  • Bank took away 1/2 our financing because Thane is now self-employed.  Guess that makes us ‘risky’ or something… (@#$%^&* bleeping banks)
  • I quit my job a month ago.  (Sigh of relief!)
  • Thane quit his job a month ago.  (Sign of panic!)
  • Thane started his own business the same day…  (We have definitely gone crazy now!)
  • I am amazed at how many bills can STILL be coming in the mail from Ali’s concussion.   
  • Thane is now ‘super-duper’ busy designing really cool homes for really neat clients!  (He is very happy too, another sigh of relief!)
  • We didn’t find a home to buy in our price range that wasn’t a dump.  (Frustrating)
  • We signed a lease on a small duplex to rent for a year, in the hills and with a gorgeous view of the Alaska Range.  Ahhh.  (That is a much needed sigh of relief!)
  • I am temporarily subbing for a secretary at my daughter’s elementary school!  (SOOOO much fun to see all the kids again & eat lunch with Jolie every day.)
  • We have about 4-6 weeks to move.  (Yeah!)
  • Thane is beginning to enjoy architecture again! 🙂
  • The Stash – on a mini-pause until Thane gets off the ground and we move.
  • Sewing stuff: I am finishing a baby quilt, wall hanging for fellowship, Round Robin quilt block, and a surprise for Laura…  🙂  Then it is high overdrive to be ready for Farmers Market.
  • It was 50+ degrees here, and the girls are playing outside with rubber boots!  Spring has sprung… 
  • Girls tried to catch a butterfly today, but it was only yesterday we got 2 inches of snow????  What is that about?

Okay now those were only the things that I could come up with off the cuff.  I am sure that I am missing something major and many things that are minor…  But I think you get the picture… 

Will try to be better about writing on a more regular basis!