Where in the world….

Yes, yes…  Again, I am still around, and am worn out!  I thought it was time to write another post, since so much has happened and things have changed yet again!  Never dull around here you know… 

Last time I wrote (over a month ago) I had the list below of all our comings & goings.  Seems to be the easiest format to dump copious amounts of information so I will edit/update that list and see what happens!

  • Our house is in the process of selling. (Yippee!)
  • Yep it sold and we finally, as of Tuesday, were out of the old house!  Woo Hoo!  Thane stayed until 4 a.m. cleaning carpets, etc.  He’s a good man!
  • We have been searching for a new house to buy. 
  • Still looking!  But we found a duplex about 20 minutes from town with an incredible view of the Alaska Range.  Small, bright & new covers it.
  • I quit my job.  (Sigh of relief!)
  • What!  Yes, then I ended up getting a full-time temporary position at the school Jolie goes to.  Will be working full time through May 23rd.  I LOVE it!  They let me bring Ali everyday & I get to see lot’s of Jolie during the day too.
  • Thane quit his job.  (Sign of panic!)
  • Yes it was true! 
  • Thane started his own business the same day…  (We have definitely gone crazy now!)
  • And now he is busier than a 1 arm paper hanger… 
  • I am amazed at how many bills can STILL be coming in the mail from Ali’s concussion.   
  • No comment!
  • We have about 4-6 weeks to move.  (Yeah!)
  • Never enough time…  My words of wisdom on moving?  Light a match and walk away.
  • The Stash – on a mini-pause until Thane gets off the ground and we move.
  • I have been getting lots of contacts for vendors who want to consign for the summer.  Also I will get in HIGH Overdrive this summer on The Stash!
  • Sewing stuff: I am finishing a baby quilt, wall hanging for fellowship, Round Robin quilt block, and a surprise for Laura…  🙂  Then it is high overdrive to be ready for Farmers Market.
  • Everything went to storage…  There isn’t room at this new place for my sewing stuff.  😦  Don’t know quite how I am going to handle this one.
  • It was 50+ degrees here, and the girls are playing outside with rubber boots!  Spring has sprung… 
  • Scratch that…  Spring didn’t spring, it delayed/paused for a month until this weekend.  Bummer.
  • We had a HUGE garage sale last weekend in the snow & muddy weather.
  • Jolie was a ‘Flaming Ember’ in North Star Ballet’s version of Cinderella last weekend.  It was beautiful!  She was also double cast as a ‘Lantern Child’ too, so she became master of quick change!
  • Yesterday was Jolie’s end of the year Art show at the studio she takes classes from. 
  • Ali is getting zippy on her bike, and loves to ride.
  • Ali’s preschool graduation is this Wednesday.  🙂  She will be graduating on to Kindergarten next year.  Boy is she ready!
  • I took the Usborne Books out and dusted them off for the IDEA curriculm Fair.  It is always a great show & there is so much cool stuff out there for kids.