Let the sun shine in…

Rachael’s husband, Mike, pulled an all-nighter last night to get The Stash painted.  Woo Hoo!  Check out the difference.  Once the paint is completely dry, we will go in for all the touch-ups. 

Ceiling & workroom are all a nice antique white, boutique is yellow.  The shingled canopy outside will be painted red.

Today, The Stashettes (Laura, Rachael & I) went to pick out fabric for the curtains!  That was fun, but OH so hard to do.  Trying to find the right color, something not to country, not to blah, something that screams “Come shop here!” was the goal.  🙂  Went with red, so can’t go wrong there.  I will add pictures of those later too. 

Tomorrow is tile!  Probably would have gotten a better start on that tonight if I didn’t have this stinking cold. 

Cheers!  J