Holy cow! Only 8 days left… We have been working hard to get the shop finished up, and it is looking so much better. I am describing it as ‘de-dumpifying’… Since it was a huge dump when we moved in. Hopefully our changes are helping!

We got the flooring done, and that was a job as each wall had tile that needed to be cut. Tomorrow we will put up the baseboard.

Today was the 2nd day of having consignors come in. 🙂 That was so cool to see all the nifty things coming through the store. I will take some photos once we un-box all their things. Beautiful glass jewelry, some amazing dolls, felted pincushions, watercolor paintings & cards. Whew… There were 10 artist that came through today, and more in the next few days.

Here are some pictures… The Mini-Stashettes, 4 out of the 8 between Rachael/Laura/Myself, have been good helpers, and the Mom’s are trying to not let them annoy us. 🙂 They like to sweep/swifter, tile, chase each other A LOT! In the front of the shop there is a long bench in the window that they all like to play on, and wave to people as they pass by.