7 days and counting…

Somewhere this week Rachael & I both lost a day.  All day we were convinced it was actually Thursday.  Maybe that is denial at it’s finest.  Not sure.  Poor Laura had to correct us, as she is the only one on time & with the correct date.  

I was so off today, that I even missed my parents Anniversary!  So by the time I was straight here in Alaska, it was way past time to call Oklahoma.  Note: call parents first thing in the morning.  🙂  Hopefully they will forgive me.

There are some nifty things coming in the store that I do know!  So far we have:

  • Plushy dolls
  • Fancy dolls
  • Linoleum prints
  • Watercolor paintings
  • Watercolor print cards
  • Handmade cards
  • Dog scarves
  • Covered journals
  • Gemstone necklaces
  • Felted pincushions

And soooo much more that is already there, and more that is on it’s way…  

Fixtures are rolling in, so the room is taking shape a bit more too.  The next 7 days will be filled with moving/hauling/sorting/etc.

Thanks for following along on the journey!  I hope that if you are in town on Friday June 6th from 5-9 p.m. that you can take some time to stop by…