I have been meaning to take a moment to sit down & write some things up about The Stash lately but time does have a way of getting away from me these days.  🙂

My mom is here visiting, and I think we have shocked her with our CRAZY busy lives!  I must say that the girls have been much happier knowing that they don’t have to follow Thane & I around quite as much.  Thank goodness for Mimmy’s (i.e. Grandma’s) that save the day.

So where do I begin?  Oh!  The painting…  …  There have been many questions about the painting that was up for auction by Jen Otey.  The bidding ended yesterday, July 4th!  Mother Earth in the end went for $325!  Thank you Jen for allowing us to show your items.

\'Mother Earth\' by Jen Otey

What is next on the list?

We had our 1 month anniversary yesterday…  So that was a nice milestone to cross.  What are some of the statistics you ask?  

Well as of today, we have 52 artist represented in The Stash, and of those 52, 7 are under the age of 15.  I think that is pretty darn neat.  I think that I will be following up with another blog with all the fun stuff our Fairbanks youth are producing!  There are some pretty creative kids around here.

Although we are settling in nicely to our space, time has seemed to be something we vastly underestimated.  🙂  We were making great strides the first 3 weeks before we opened, and yes, we are pretty close to completing the classroom.  But the outside part of our store, still needs some lovin’.  Secretly I am wishing that a painting fairy would show up and make our shingles our nifty shade of red!  Wouldn’t that be dandy?

Any artists that have surprised us?  Sure!  The candy…  That is probably our biggest & ‘sweetest’ surprise.  I happened upon Gretchen at Farmers Market one day (sounds like the start of a good story doesn’t it?) and introduced myself.  Funny enough, she was ‘just’ starting market and is NOT selling anywhere else in town.  So, I slyly (NOT) asked (BEGGED) her to bring some goodies our way.  Sure enough, she did and WA-LA, the rest is history.  Seriously, I can NOT begin to tell you how yummy her stuff is.  We have closet Gretchen addicts who come in, shop, buy and refuse to take a receipt because they don’t want a paper trail!  🙂  It is their own, secret bit of pleasure.  (Don’t worry, I will mention NO Names here!)  Hee Hee Hee

Yes, there have been the ‘other’ kind of artist to.  Fortunately, we are selecting work on a jurried basis.  So people must bring their items to us to preview, prior to accepting all works.  We have a very eclectic mix of things, and believe it or not, somethings just don’t work in there.  But there are TONS of artists in town who are bringing in some fabulous things…  Like these:

Oh there are so many more, I just don’t have them on my blogroll!  🙂  You must come in to see for yourself.

Farmers Market has gone well.  I have made it 2 times this summer, and plan on being there the remaining Saturday’s until mid August, or when they close.  Market is a vibe I dearly love.  Everyone is friendly and open.  Today I had our new sign up, and there were many people who recognized us.  So that gave me the warm fuzzies.  Artists are curious to know how business is going, customers are wondering what ‘new’ things have come in this week.  It is GREAT!  

Business, there have been many people who are wondering if we will be able to stay afloat as a business with our generous consignment offer of 70/30.  Rachael, Laura & I are firm believers that artists need to make as much as possible for their work, so we think that YES we will be able to stay in business, and create a new pathway for artists outlet.  We are more than a boutique, and that will work for us.  Classes are being booked, and the handwork lounge is being used, so we will plod ahead in our efforts to strive for our goals. 

The question is, will Fairbanks respond to a place that has based their whole existence on shopping local and buying handmade goods?  Please send your comments/thoughts/ideas our way…  We know you are out there!  The person with the best comment/thought/idea  by July 10th will get a prize!