We have some cool First Friday events coming up in the next 2 months…  I hope that you all will find the time to come and support all the wonderful work in this town… 

September 5th, 5-8 p.m.:  (still looking for a catchy name):

We will be featuring youth…  All artwork & items featured by kids or for kids!  Perfect for back to school time.  So if you are one of our many youth artists, this is a heads up for you…  🙂  

October 3rd, 5-9 p.m.: The Stash Unplugged

  🙂  This month we are highlighting the art of music.  Anyone who makes or writes music, makes instruments, this is their time to shine.  We are booking the line up of musicians who want to play their thing that night, so call and sign up if that is of interest to you!  

November & December are still to come…  We are contimplating featuring 2 artists or a theme again.  Hopefully if you have sometime you can let us know your thoughts…

The Stash is kicking right along these days.  So much so I haven’t had time to write!  Yesterday I signed up artist #70!  Can you believe it?  If you haven’t come to the shop lately, we have a bunch of new stuff from artists young & old alike.  🙂  

Ta ta for now!