Well, we worked like dogs this weekend…  And we got it, well at least 80% of the new shop up & going.  🙂

Friday was crazy!  The old shop was completely empty by 3 p.m. and all moved over to the new place.  Papa Stash (i.e. Russ) was a HUGE help here!  Not only did he move stuff, but then he set up our computer system too!  If you know me (Janie) then you know that stuff is way over my head…

Bre came to help & even brought her stroller to move some things over too, her and Katelynn (Robyn’s daughter) did wonders with their wheels.  🙂  Laura brought my dolly over on her lunch break!  Yep, anything with wheels was much appreciated.  Natasha (Robyn’s daughter) & Robyn stuffed boxes, Rachael, Janie, Jolie, Ali, Thane & Mike all moved things!

Here are some

of the progress of the day…

Saturday was much of the same…  Well, unpacking rather!  New (to us) cabinets came, backroom was made more kid friendly for all our little one’s.  Pizza party, unpacking, shifting of the shit from one place to another…  That really is what this felt like after a while.

Sunday, the day of hanging.  Not each other, but pictures.  🙂  Many of the things went UP on the walls on Sunday…  Photos, paintings, curtains, shelves, hooks, hangers, and all.  It is all melting together & starting to work out.  We still can’t believe how much more room we have in this new place.  It has even worked out to leave most of the carpet free & clear for all of Rachael’s yoga classes too!

Today I am covering the back of the desk that we are using for checking out customers.  Filling storage shelves in the backroom.

This week, I will get the base cabinets & countertops for the sewing center.  Re-working the brochures to be ready for First Friday & our Re-Grand Opening Friday night.

Whew…  It was a whirlwind, and I definitely need a NAP!