Well, today was the day!  Actually it was our first ‘outing’ with the shop. 

  Other than the 2 days I did this summer at Farmers Market.  🙂  It was great!  Much better than yesterday, which was a whole day of moving the shop & 42 artists worth of stuff & resetting up!  It hasn’t been that long since we moved the shop, so I think that was entirely to fresh in our minds.  🙂

For me it was like old home week.  On both sides of our booth, were Farmers Market cohorts, so that was cool.  One side is 084, Jill & Dayna make beautiful jewelry in their spare time after their full-time jobs.  Their booth is amazingly elegant, and won ‘Best in show’ for 2007.  (Made us look like a mini garage sale at times!) On the other side is Moosetard Mustard, yummy!  We would have been lost in la-la land without them to help us with our novel credit card machine!  🙂

As things picked up, some people were asking about what we were exactly???  So we were educating Fairbanks on the finer art of The Stash!  I am happy to announce that most of the people that came by had already heard of us though.  So warm fuzzies went all around for the Stashettes.

We have 2 booths this year, and they are across the aisle from each other.  This is a challenge, but nice too.  That way we can have shoppers coming & going on both sides.

The Stashettes were all up LATE working feverishly on some beautiful 081for the event too!  They are reversible, so we can get the most bang for our buck!  We LOVE them, and received so many compliments on them today.  Yeah!  It is so fun being snazzy sometimes…  One lady asked if I could make her one, I said sure!  And then proceeded to explain that there are 3 yards of material in each apron, and they take 5 hours per apron to make.  So the cost would be approximately $85.  She didn’t faint, but she quickly said no thank you.  Hmmm, once you take away the cost of the material, I really would only be making $10 per hour.  Do you think that is to steep?  Not if I am the one making them…

So the day is done, pictures are in the camera, which is not with me…

Sooooo, I will add them at a later date!  Keep checking back.