My friend Jennifer sent me the link to her new blog!  Jen is one of the artists in the shop, does wonderful mixed media work, and will be helping Jolie refinish her desk (at a snail’s pace).  We have talked at length about The Stash while she is refinishing Hilda.  What a neat process to watch an artist work on something from begining to end.  But this little zinger was news to me today!

Jennifer started a blog, and we were her first entry called: Paradise Found 🙂

I can’t tell you how unbelievably touched by this.  And, well, the write up is pretty amazing too.  I think that so much of my day (and probably Robyn & Rachael’s too) is spent just getting the job done.  We are working full steam ahead to just keep up with this momentum at the shop, and I don’t know that we have realized the magnitude of The Stash.

If you can, please join and read her blog entry!  I would love to hear your comments & feedback as to if this has been your thoughts/experience as well.

I will be holding my breath until I hear back from you…  🙂