Hello world! How the heck are you? We are staying warm, cozy & busy here at the shop. January found us with more ‘down’ time in the shop which we have not had since we opened. In part it is nice to be able to focus on some of the things we tend to put aside while we were so busy through the holidays. Like inventory, unpacking the back room (thank you Rachael), getting new fixtures, etc. Many ideas are flowing for the upcoming year for The Stashettes, and we are implementing as many as we can ASAP! We do need your help to ‘pass the word’ around about the shop. We will only be feasible as long as the community supports this venue. Below there are a few categories of things we are working on:

Special Events:

First Friday: The First Friday of Every Month (THIS FRIDAY) from 5-8 p.m. Come on in, and enjoy refreshments, music and local art with the Stashettes!  Different artists featured monthly.

  • February theme: Artful Duets
  • March theme: TBA

Iron Dog Race Finish Day! Saturday, February 14th, 10 am to 6 p.m. Come in and breathe easy at The Stash! Get out of the snow machine exhaust while you sip hot beverages, snack on cookies and make a take home craft for your lucky snowmachiner. Craft $5 All Supplies Provided!

The Stash Lends A Hand:

This is one of ways, The Stashettes; give back to our local community.  Each month we choose a different local group, collect items for them and present the donation at the end of the month.

  • February recipient:  Literacy Council
  • March recipient:  TBA


Intuitive Drawings: Jen Otey will be in on Saturday the 21st from 12-4 doing Intuitive Drawings!  There are a few spots still available if you want, please call ahead and we will fit you in…
Therapy Sessions:
Wednesday, February 18th, 5-8 p.m. Yep, you read it right!  The Stash is now offering Therapy sessions (a.k.a. UFO Night)!  You bring your project & a dish to share and let the session begin.    RSVP so we know how many to expect… Price:  $5 per person.

Beginning Sewing: Private Class (6 hours) taught by Janie Magelky. This is about sewing basics, tools, patterns and methods.  All students will leave with a finished project.  Price: $75 per person

Beginning Crochet: Thursday, February 12th, 6 – 8 p.m. Come on in learn a bit about yarn, basic crochet abbreviations and pattern reading, learn the basic crochet stitches and make a dishcloth to take home.  A take home help sheet will be provided too…. 4-5 person limit – $25/person. All supplies provided!

Valentine Making Class: February 7th, 3-4:30pm Local artist, Jennifer Eskridge, will be in the shop to guide students in making unique, one of a kind valentines. Ages 5 and up. Price: $10 All supplies included!

Knitting! Caitlin Winebarger is here to teach you how or refresh your rusty knitting skills.

  • Drop in Knitting:  Fridays 11-1 p.m. Supplies: Bring your own project.  This is an excellent opportunity for knitters of all skills to come, work on projects, and get that little extra help you need to tackle something new. More fun, and less expensive than private lessons, this time provides opportunity for one-on-one assistance in an open and welcoming atmosphere. Come share your trials and tribulations, as well as your successes!  Classes are $10 per person.
  • Knitting on Demanda.k.a. By appointment only. Come deal with your knitting “issues” in a one-on-one environment. This is an excellent opportunity to get started on a new skill, or to get help fixing a heinous knitting emergency. What ever you decide, it’s all about you! $15 per hour

Yoga: Our Stash Yogi, Rachael Brechan, is getting the year going with some sensational classes…  Please call ahead to reserve your spot!

  • Adult Yoga: Tuesdays 6-7 p.m. or Fridays 6:45-7:45 a.m.  This is a relaxing beginning level, hour long yoga class.  Bring your mat and be ready to breath!  Price:  $10 per class $15 per private lesson
  • You-Name-It Yoga:  Let us set up a private yoga class in your own home.  Our certified instructor will teach a class for you alone or a small group of friends.    Classes are $25 per person.
  • Yarn -N- Yoga for Kids:  Fridays from 3:30pm to 4:30 p.m.  This will be an open class, for those interested in a beginning crochet class for kids.  There will be 20 minutes of crochet, 20 minutes of yoga, finished with 20 minutes of crochet… Price:  $10.  All supplies provided!
  • Parent & Preschooler Yoga: Fridays 11-12 p.m.  Here is a class that is perfect for parents looking for a special time to reconnect with their little one.  Price: $10 per class.
  • Yoga for Kids:  Fridays from 4:30pm to 5:30 p.m.  A beginning level yoga class for kids.  We will stretch, and strengthen our bodies while attempt to quiet our minds and have fun all at the same time! Price:  $10.  All supplies provided!

Out in the World:

We are broadening our horizons with technology, and we wanted to share with you! Currently The Stash has a place on:

  • Facebook: Do a search for The Stash Alaska, and you will find us there. We are finding this social network a FABULOUS place to meet people, and share information about what we do!
  • Café Press: Shopping at your fingertips, head on over to: www.cafepress.com/thestashalaska and let us know what you think!
  • Blog: We are still blogging, however, it seems to me that time has escaped me between entries! I will try to get better at that, but DON’T hold your breath. Time… Grasping it is so hard for me.