According to Wikipedia:  A vortex (pl. vortices) is a spinning, often turbulent, flow of fluid. Any spiral motion with closed streamlines is vortex flow. The motion of the fluid swirling rapidly around a center is called a vortex. The speed and rate of rotation of the fluid are greatest at the center, and decrease progressively with distance from the center.

Now THAT is where I think all our time has gone, straight into the vortex otherwise known as life.  🙂 What has been happening?  Well everything, now that you mention it.

  • Janie took off in January to go visit her folks in Oklahoma
  • Robyn had Baby Stash on Monday…  Nikolas Jurek Neilko finally made his arrival!  Monday Feb. 23rd, early in the morning.
    nikolas-jurek nikolas-jurek-2
  • Rachael has been the steady-eddy here at the store!
  • Kids have been sick, blah, blah, blah…  🙂

In other news, definitely more artistic…  We have 127 artists in house right now.  And I must say, the Stashettes, think that is totally awesome!  The breadth & depth of creativity never ceases to amaze us.  Here are some examples of what is floating around inside our shop!

First Fridays:

March we will have the music of New Cut Road filling the place, and a shop full of our LOVE for our Alaskan artists that are MEN!  There are 17 in all, and we are searching of a smattering to be present that night.  Yes, guys, we are Mad about our Alaskan Men, I will put some bbq wieners in the crock pot and see if I can find some beer around somewhere!  🙂

In April we will have the band Slim Pickin!  Check out their myspace page and see what you think…  THEN Friday April 3rd they will be live in the shop from 5-8 p.m.  Please swing by and cheer on: Greta Myerchin, Jesse Buckwalter, Jon O’Donnell, Ken Tape, and Mandy Booth.

On the Road Again:

March 20-21-22 we are closing the front door and heading over to A Woman’s Affair!  I hope that you will get the chance to come and see us.  We will have 1 booth this time vs. the 2 we had for Holiday Market Place, but it is a corner booth.  So Rachael & I are feverishly planning the layout.

Spring has Sprung (or will be someday):

Okay well the snow hasn’t melted, and break up isn’t even really that close.  BUT we have spring fever!  With that comes another over-haul inside the shop.  Wintery items will become fewer, spring/summer items will flow in.  I hope you will be invigorated & energized by the breath of fresh air that comes to the store front too.

Whew, did I wear you out?  As I type, my kids are running around me in circles, leaving me the feeling that I have rattled on to long!

I promise to post more soon…