My my where does the time go these days?

Friday night (6/5/09) we celebrated our 1 year anniversary!  Can you believe it?  And boy what a year it has been!  Of course there has been highs & lows, but right now it all seems like a HIGH!

I can not even begin to think how this all would be possible without our avid customers and dedicated family members.  I often try to summarize to myself (an others sometimes) what ‘is’ The Stash…  Well my token phrase for people coming in the shop is:

“Our shop is All Local, All Handmade goods!  We have over 140 artists represented, 15-ish of those are under the age of 18 too!  Many of our artists are also teachers, and they offer a wide variety of subjects for classes here in the shop.  We have a sewing lounge in the back, and a handwork area in the front!”


But really we are so much more!  Some of them are:

  • Robyn called me on the phone today, and told me that we have officially become a children’s game!  LOL  Guess her daughter was playing at a friends house and they were playing babies & The Stash.  Work it girls!  Gotta start them out young you know!  But ‘really’ if you look at our kids (there are 8 soon to be 9 between Rachael, Robyn & I) that is what they see their Moms doing every day!  Guess we have made better role models than we thought if they are wanting to ‘play’ The Stash!
  • Creative ‘breath’ of fresh air!  There are many who frequent the shop to see what is new and to also get their own creative juices flowing.  We find that the bright colors of the walls, and huge variety of artwork inspires our customers to dust off their machines & tools and get busy again.
  • Local gathering spot…  Many swing by with their lunch groups to browse before heading back to the office!
  • Do you have something to add?  What is The Stash to you?  Leave a comment & let us know…

So where do we go from here? Forward…

One of our small joys for us is that now we can track where we were last year in sales and compare it to this year…  I know, not to exciting to you all, but this is HUGE for us.  Over time, memories fade and for us to be able to track & compare is huge.  🙂  Another hurdle, was for us to get to the point, that we felt comfortable enough running the shop to have regular hours for The Stashettes…  🙂  What a difference a regular schedule makes!

First Fridays are being planned out well in advance to give the artist plenty of time to prepare!  This is always a really fun night for us, one where we can actually let loose & chat with our customers, eat a bit, drink a bit & enjoy our space.

Artists, we have around 140 right now…  We are always looking for more GREAT art to share!  It is amazing & awe inspiring the talent that we have in this town.

Time flies when you are having fun that is for sure!  Here is to another year for us here at the shop…

Bring your families, visitors & friends!  Remember to shop local & buy handmade!