Hello out there!  I am glad that you found us, and hope that you will read what is happening at The Stash as well as leave comments!  We do love to hear from you…

For those of you that are new!  We are a store, located in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Our shop is owned by 3 women/momtreprenuers who love to craft.  The Stash opened on June 6, 2008, and is full of ALL local & ALL handmade goods, 100%!

This site is for us to share:

  • Everything about The Stash
  • Things we are doing or thinking about doing
  • Books we recommend
  • Neat things that are going on
  • Classes & events here at The Stash
  • and so much more…

Enjoy, Please leave comments/feedback/thoughts… We look forward to hearing from you and welcome to our journey!