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FLATlogoNOWORDSHi all!  Hope you are having a beautiful summer thus far…  It has been a while since we sent you an email, so thought it was about time we got caught up!

First Friday Schedules are ready! We did some planning recently and planned out the themes for some of our upcoming First Friday events.  We hope you can join us and help our artist celebrate their pieces!

August:  All About Acrylics

  • Artists: Amy Komar, Erinn Hatter and Tammy Holland
  • Extras:  Numerology by Dana

September:  Baby Stash (more info on this below)

October:  Art Bras for Breast Cancer Awareness  (more info on this below)

November:  Holiday delectable edibles!  (Just like last year we will feature those who make edible goods, we will take pre-orders for the holidays.)

December:  Glass – all things bright & shiny!

January:  Winter Watercolors

We are also looking for music for our First Fridays!  So if you play, want to jam, hang out or know of a band that needs some extra playing time…  We have great acoustics here, lively atmosphere & would love to hear from you!  Please forward our email or phone 45-STASH.


Non-Profit Line Ups for Fall! We will continue in our effort to give back to our community by supporting more non-profits for the Fall.  Please help us spread the word!

August:  School Supplies for kids in need!  Please bring in extras from your shopping trips to donate!  🙂

September:  Diapers & Wipes recipient TBA.

October:  Silent Auction of Art Bras for Breast Cancer Detection Center  (more info on this below)

Art Bras: The time has come for us to think about Breast Cancer Awareness month here at The Stash!  Last year we were part of the window decorating contest, and this year we will feature a silent auction of Artful Bras, made by our fabulous Fairbanks artists!  🙂

What is an Art Bra you ask???
“An art bra is basically an artistically decorated bra; an embellished bra. Art bras are fun – they are popular items for artists to make for Breast Cancer fundraisers. What you do is take a regular bra – usually padded – and cover it with fabric or beads or paint – or all three plus whatever else comes to mind. Some art bras have a theme, some are serious, some are funny, some are just decorated and given a name.”  Ask the Crafter

These will be featured for October First Friday, and BCDC of Fairbanks will be the recipients of our October Non-Profit.  All proceeds from the silent auction of these bras will be donated to them.

Sale Items: All canes & walking sticks were just marked on sale!  They are beautiful and make great gifts…


Baby Stash! There is something new coming to The Stash, or rather a ‘new’ line of goods!  It is called Baby Stash, and these are items made by our artists that are geared directly towards the babies in our lives.  All items that are in this line will be ‘exclusive‘ items only sold here at The Stash!  We are in need of a nice crib or cradle for this area of the store.  Have one you don’t mind parting with?  Saw one at a friends?  Please let us know!


Therapy! Yep, you read it right!  The Stash is now offering Therapy sessions (aka UFO Night)!  You bring your project & a dish to share and let the session begin.    RSVP so we know how many to expect…  Wednesday, August 19th from 5-8 p.m.  Cost is $5 and be sure to bring what supplies you need to work on!

Upcoming!  Upcoming!  Upcoming!

Class Name:  Pixies, Fairies, and Wee Friends

Description: Jennifer and Miriam will teach you how to make your own tiny fairy dolls and wee folk from wrapped wire bodies to create posable pixies and woodland wee folk that will make wonderful playmates for you and your fairy friends.

Date: Wednesday, August 5th from 3-5 p.m.

Cost: $15 per person or If you book both classes at the same time a special rate of $ 25.00 for both classes is available.

Age Appropriateness: Ages 5 to 105

Class size: Space is limited (10 children under the age of 10) no more than 20 total

Teacher:          Jennifer Eskridge

Supplies: Supplies are included; we will use l felt, chenille stems, wooden beads, and simple embellishments.  Finished Pixies are about 3 inches tall. If you would like to bring items to include in your design remember to keep your wee folk’s size in mind. Found treasures that often make their way into designs might include: Gems, Pebbles, Feathers, Shells, etc

Class Name:  Mixed Media Self Portraits for Kids

Description: We will begin with an introduction to the materials, a brief historical perspective of self portraits, and a few thoughts about why this is a valuable practice whether you identify as an artist or have never picked up a crayon.  The class is interactive, the process is often playful with participants working together to generate ideas It is intended for artists of all levels, it will include some basic instruction on the scale in regard to the human body as needed or desired, but will not focus on this information, instead focusing on the creative process.

Dates:   Wednesday, August 12th from 3-5 p.m.

Cost:     $20 per person

Age Appropriateness: age 8 and up

Class size: 5 person limit

Teacher:          Jennifer Eskridge

Supplies: All supplies provided.  Please bring duplicates of any photos you may want to incorporate in to your artwork. (Photos are optional)

Class Name:  Summer Yoga

Description: The Stash yogi, Rachael, will provide a relaxing beginning level, hour long yoga class.  Bring your mat and be ready to breathe!

Date: Thursdays from 6-7 p.m.
Fridays from 8:30-9:30 a.m.

Cost: $10 per class $15 per private lesson

Supplies:          All supplies provided

Age Appropriateness: 13 & up

Class size:        5 person limit

Teacher:          Rachael Brechan

Supplies: Bring your yoga mat!

Class Name: Beginning Sewing

Description: This is about sewing basics, tools patterns and methods.  We will cover hand sewing, basic embroidery stitches, and the beginning of machine sewing.  All students will leave with a finished project

Date: By appointment only

Time: 6 hour class (broken into 3 segments)

Cost: $125

Age Appropriateness:      8 and above

Class size: Private class

Teacher:            Various teachers available

Supplies:           All supplies provided!

Class Name: Knitting

Description: Come deal with your knitting “issues” in a one-on-one environment. This is an excellent opportunity to get started on a new skill, or to get help fixing a heinous knitting emergency.   What ever you decide, it’s all about you!

Date: By appointment only

Cost: $15 per hour

Age Appropriateness:      8 and above

Class size: Private class

Teacher:            Caitlin Winebarger

Supplies:           All supplies provided!


December is upon us, so I thought I should get on this blog…

I can’t believe how much we are doing around The Stash every day, and it seems there is always more to DO!  What is up with that?  🙂  We are only up to 102 artists right now, maybe that has something to do with it, and the fact that we took the show on the road this month too, or the fact that we are moving the shop all around to get ready for the holidays???  Hmmm, maybe, just maybe that has something to do with it…  🙂

Some other things are happening too!

Our blog is now evolving into a website (Thank you Jana Peirce).  So now you can check here for the latest information on classes & eventsI will still send out a couple of emails a month, but don’t want to overload the in-boxes with to much.

Holiday hours! We are now open on Sundays from 12-5 p.m. during the month of December.  Hopefully this will help with the holiday shopping needs!  Monday thru Saturday we will continue to be open from 10-6 p.m.

Other special things???

  • We are now carrying some Judaica items.  Chanukah starts on December 21st, so come by and check out what we have, they are beautiful. 021022
  • Ornaments, we have a great selection of handmade ornaments for your trees, garlands, gifts and more. Everything from snowmen, angels, trees & etc.0190772017020
  • Scarfs…  There is a huge assortment of scarves in the shop right now.  All different kinds from dressy, casual, table, mantel, wool, alpaca, cotton, lacy, etc.  🙂
  • Shirts! Yep, we have Stash shirts available…  They have our really cool logo that was done by Jen Otey.  Long sleeve are $30 & short sleeve are $15, these could be really cool gifts for the artists in your life.023
  • Classes over the winter break! We have several classes that will be offered during the winter break.  Some for kids, some for adults, some for both…  So use this time to get out of the house, and ‘try’ something new.  Many of our artists will be offering their services during this time.  Start your new year with a new talent/hobby/skill!  Check back here: Classes section, often to see what the classes will be…
  • Blanket Drive we are up to 35 blankets for North Star Council of Aging…  Isn’t that great?
  • First Friday, December 5th from 5-8 p.m. is all about WarmthWe will have some artists in house.  Featuring all the things that make you warm & cozy during the winter!  Everything from hats, scarves, tea, essential oils, candy, mittens, blankets and more.  Eat, drink, enjoy local art and be merry with the Stashettes…

Sigh!  Okay, lastly, we want to THANK you for being a part of this growing community here at The Stash!  We have about a week (Dec. 6th) until we turn over our 6 month anniversary, and it is phenomenal how many things have happened, and changes that have been made.  Thank you to our artists who have allowed us the privilege of showing your items, and thank you to Fairbanks, for the support and remembering to Shop Local & Buy Handmade!


Yep, it is official…  Rachael & I are strong believers in denial.  Procrastination is our best friend these days.

To this point, we haven’t gotten much done for the ‘M’ day (i.e. MOVE).  Hung a sign in the window, delivered a few furniture pieces, took a few photos and painted a wall red.

What is left to be done you ask?  EVERYTHING….  🙂  Including our drawing straws ‘event’ for who gets to clean the bathroom for the first time.  The toilet, well, I don’t do things like that well, so I am already starting to gag thinking about it.  I know I am a wienie…  It’s just gross.

So many people have inquired to what our plan is for the move.  So far, closing the shop on Friday & Saturday (this week) and be in by Sunday, up and running by Monday.  🙂  Easy as that!  (Oh, and dreaming about the moving fairies that will come and make it all beautiful & do all the work for us….)

Robyn’s husband, Tony, leaves for Iraq today or Thursday.  So we have been gently planning around that first, because it does take precedence over it all.  Or it at least puts it into perspective for us.  We will miss him!  But guaranteed we will keep Robyn busy & giggling until he gets back…

Okay, I guess, YES I am using even this blog to procrastinate the inevitable…  Back to the task at hand!


Hi there…  Janie here from The Stash!

We have had a busy week here at the shop!  There are many things going on, changing and evolving for us.  We will see if I can fill you in below:

  • The Stash on the Road:  Holiday Market Place!  Thank you again to you all who will be joining us on that venture.  We really appreciate your support and are looking forward to hitting a whole different target market with The Stash.  We only needed 21 artists to join in order for The Stash to be able to afford to go.  Booth fees are outrageous at $525, naturally most of us ‘individual’ artists have not been able to pay.  But as a group, we have collectively come up with the funds & The Stash will man the booth!  Woo Hoo!
  • Artists Message Board:  There has been a request, that we are more than willing to help with.  🙂  Artists, we will have a message board for you, set up in our classroom.  This is for you to post artistic items that you have for sale or would like to trade.  Use it as much as you can and check it often for great deals!  
  • Website:  Yes, we are going to be doing one and it is in the works for this Fall…  Will let you know more as we know more…  🙂 
  • Classes: Who wants to teach & when?  Day time slots are good, and would be a perfect time to work with homeschool groups.  Evenings are great and we would love to hear about your ideas…  Rachael is taking on this class scheduling baby, so she would be the perfect one to answer your questions.  
  • Moving:  Yep, that is what that word means…  The Stash has outgrown its current location in the short 11 weeks since Grand Opening!  The venue is moving, but I guarantee you it is a most fabulous spot.  We are doubling the space, increasing wall area, adding a bathroom (yes!!!!! we have been working for this long with out a bathroom in our shop!), and setting up a permanent place for the sewing lounge.  Our new address will be: 535 3rd Avenue, Suite B.  So please let us know if you have any questions about any of this and Laura, Rachael & I will be glad to help you.  Our new Grand Re-Opening will be on Friday October 3rd!  When we talked about this today we realized that we opened with around 30 artists, and at last count today we are at 74!  Way to go Fairbanks…
  • Inventory:  Holidays are coming!  We hope to have a great selection for our customers in the store and at ‘Roady’ shop when we are out doing events.  A new little ditty will be our holiday baskets, made for all different people, following all different themes, and selling for all different prices.  Should make some shopping easier that is for sure.
  • Fixtures:  As we grow the business to help support all the wonderful artwork & pretties, we are always searching for neat items to display things on.  So this would be an all call for cool things.  🙂  Have some furniture around that you aren’t using, or something creative in mind, LET US KNOW!  We would love to hear your ideas, and see your things. (Emailing pictures works great for us if they are to big to bring in!)
  • First Fridays:  We have all the First Friday themes planned from now through December.  They are as follows:
    • September 5th:  All things by kids and/or for kids (Here we will highlight our youth artists in the shop and their wonderful work.  We will also feature all things made for kids too!) 
    • October 3rd:  The Stash Unplugged (Fairbanks very own musicians, music writers and music makers all in one  place.  Lively jam sessions, unique mixes too!) 
    • November 7th:  Recycle, Reuse, Rethink and Give (So many of our products are made out of environmentally friendly materials or items that had a previous life as something else, come and see the unique and thoughtful way these artists work.) 
    • December 5th:  Share the warmth (Hats, Mittens, Scarves oh my…  It is bringing forth all things to warm you up and those of others!) 
  • Newspaper article:  Fairbanks Daily Newsminer was in today for an interview!  Yeah…  Looks like there will be an article coming next Sunday on Aug. 31st in the business section.  Keep your fingers crossed in hopes that it all comes out as cool as the interview went.

Whew, I feel like I need to take a nap now!  🙂 
Cheers – The Stashette’s

I have been meaning to take a moment to sit down & write some things up about The Stash lately but time does have a way of getting away from me these days.  🙂

My mom is here visiting, and I think we have shocked her with our CRAZY busy lives!  I must say that the girls have been much happier knowing that they don’t have to follow Thane & I around quite as much.  Thank goodness for Mimmy’s (i.e. Grandma’s) that save the day.

So where do I begin?  Oh!  The painting…  …  There have been many questions about the painting that was up for auction by Jen Otey.  The bidding ended yesterday, July 4th!  Mother Earth in the end went for $325!  Thank you Jen for allowing us to show your items.

\'Mother Earth\' by Jen Otey

What is next on the list?

We had our 1 month anniversary yesterday…  So that was a nice milestone to cross.  What are some of the statistics you ask?  

Well as of today, we have 52 artist represented in The Stash, and of those 52, 7 are under the age of 15.  I think that is pretty darn neat.  I think that I will be following up with another blog with all the fun stuff our Fairbanks youth are producing!  There are some pretty creative kids around here.

Although we are settling in nicely to our space, time has seemed to be something we vastly underestimated.  🙂  We were making great strides the first 3 weeks before we opened, and yes, we are pretty close to completing the classroom.  But the outside part of our store, still needs some lovin’.  Secretly I am wishing that a painting fairy would show up and make our shingles our nifty shade of red!  Wouldn’t that be dandy?

Any artists that have surprised us?  Sure!  The candy…  That is probably our biggest & ‘sweetest’ surprise.  I happened upon Gretchen at Farmers Market one day (sounds like the start of a good story doesn’t it?) and introduced myself.  Funny enough, she was ‘just’ starting market and is NOT selling anywhere else in town.  So, I slyly (NOT) asked (BEGGED) her to bring some goodies our way.  Sure enough, she did and WA-LA, the rest is history.  Seriously, I can NOT begin to tell you how yummy her stuff is.  We have closet Gretchen addicts who come in, shop, buy and refuse to take a receipt because they don’t want a paper trail!  🙂  It is their own, secret bit of pleasure.  (Don’t worry, I will mention NO Names here!)  Hee Hee Hee

Yes, there have been the ‘other’ kind of artist to.  Fortunately, we are selecting work on a jurried basis.  So people must bring their items to us to preview, prior to accepting all works.  We have a very eclectic mix of things, and believe it or not, somethings just don’t work in there.  But there are TONS of artists in town who are bringing in some fabulous things…  Like these:

Oh there are so many more, I just don’t have them on my blogroll!  🙂  You must come in to see for yourself.

Farmers Market has gone well.  I have made it 2 times this summer, and plan on being there the remaining Saturday’s until mid August, or when they close.  Market is a vibe I dearly love.  Everyone is friendly and open.  Today I had our new sign up, and there were many people who recognized us.  So that gave me the warm fuzzies.  Artists are curious to know how business is going, customers are wondering what ‘new’ things have come in this week.  It is GREAT!  

Business, there have been many people who are wondering if we will be able to stay afloat as a business with our generous consignment offer of 70/30.  Rachael, Laura & I are firm believers that artists need to make as much as possible for their work, so we think that YES we will be able to stay in business, and create a new pathway for artists outlet.  We are more than a boutique, and that will work for us.  Classes are being booked, and the handwork lounge is being used, so we will plod ahead in our efforts to strive for our goals. 

The question is, will Fairbanks respond to a place that has based their whole existence on shopping local and buying handmade goods?  Please send your comments/thoughts/ideas our way…  We know you are out there!  The person with the best comment/thought/idea  by July 10th will get a prize!



The Stash


Interior Alaska Cancer Association


Soroptimist International of Fairbanks is a group of professional women who work to improve the lives of women and children.  The local group has an on-going project to knit/crochet hats for women who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy.


The Stash will host a knit-a-thon for this cause to

see how many hats we can finish by July 11th!


The Stash

544 3rd Avenue


Friday June 27th

5-9 p.m.


If you knit or crochet and would like to join us in our efforts we would appreciate your help.  Join us at the knit-a-thon or drop off handmade hats at The Stash by July 11th.


Helpful hints:

O        An excellent source for patterns is

O        Hats knit with brown fun fur are in demand.

O        For summer, any color fun fur is good.

O        Cotton hats for sleeping are desirable.

O        Make sure the yarn you use is SOFT!


For more information, please call The Stash at 457-8274.


Since Friday, we have been in a whirlwind it seems. A bit of let down tired that is for sure… 🙂 Can’t imagine why? Getting the boutique cranked out in 3 weeks was a lot of work (3 moms, 8 kids, and a few husbands thrown in there for the manly stuff), especially if you saw it ‘before‘ we converted it over.

Now that the store is open, we have been spending some time cleaning, resting, delighting ourselves with the customers as they come through. So nice to hear all the great feedback from them. The Stashettes feel pretty honored to carry the artwork we have AND be able to represent the artists here in our community. As I sit here now, we have 37 different artists represented in the store. Pretty cool huh? Even some are writing in their blogs about us, see here

Our next hurdle you ask? Starting to find artists who would like to teach some classes! I am putting information together, and would love your feedback!

  • What kind of classes are you interested in taking?
  • What kind of classes are you interested in teaching?
  • What fees should we pay the teachers?
  • Class sizes?

Oh! Do I hear a challenge or contest coming on? I will put my thinking cap on about it, and see what I can do for a contest. There is also our signage that needs work! We need to do another folding sign for 2nd Street, and something above our window. Sigh, oh and the painting of the shingles outside. The list never ends it seems. 🙂

Okay, enough! I have to get back to work. We recieved more candy from Gretchen’s Creations today, so need to get it tagged! (For those that are local, we have more caramels in!!! 🙂 )

Thank you to all of you for posting comments & keeping up with my blogs. Your support has been so important to Laura, Rachael & myself.

Happy Summer!

It’s official, we have LESS than 48 hours now…  The days are flying by, and stuff is getting done, but I am shocked at the time warp we are in.  Hours feel like minutes.

I got the curtains all done today, Rachael helped by ironing it all for me & helping me measure for cutting. More artwork came in, I love the paintings & prints that Jen Otey brought in.  Then there are some really cool things coming in from people who haven’t shown much in the past.  So nice to see!

The credit card machine is in the works.  The phone guy was in today, but is having trouble finding stuff in the rest of the building, so that is taking longer than expected.  We did get our phone # which is totally cool.  🙂  45-STASH or if you are from out of town, it would be 1-907-45-STASH…  🙂

Off to bed, we all need sleep!  My girls are getting tired of following me to the shop for these LONG days…  🙂  

Down to 43 hours now…

So today was the day to make curtains…

It didn’t get done, so I am assuming that makes tomorrow the day to ‘really’ get curtains done.  🙂  You can see the fabric below that we have picked out…  Let me know what you think…  I thought it was pretty cool looking!

We have been slaving away still.  Seeing artists, cleaning, painting, you know the general run down of getting things done by Friday.  But we are really feeling the pressure to get it done & wonderful by Friday!  

I have included some photos for you all to see how things are looking.  Some things are coming together nicely, others (i.e. curtains) seem to keep ending up on the back burner.  Off to bed now!  Chat more soon…


7 days and counting…

Somewhere this week Rachael & I both lost a day.  All day we were convinced it was actually Thursday.  Maybe that is denial at it’s finest.  Not sure.  Poor Laura had to correct us, as she is the only one on time & with the correct date.  

I was so off today, that I even missed my parents Anniversary!  So by the time I was straight here in Alaska, it was way past time to call Oklahoma.  Note: call parents first thing in the morning.  🙂  Hopefully they will forgive me.

There are some nifty things coming in the store that I do know!  So far we have:

  • Plushy dolls
  • Fancy dolls
  • Linoleum prints
  • Watercolor paintings
  • Watercolor print cards
  • Handmade cards
  • Dog scarves
  • Covered journals
  • Gemstone necklaces
  • Felted pincushions

And soooo much more that is already there, and more that is on it’s way…  

Fixtures are rolling in, so the room is taking shape a bit more too.  The next 7 days will be filled with moving/hauling/sorting/etc.

Thanks for following along on the journey!  I hope that if you are in town on Friday June 6th from 5-9 p.m. that you can take some time to stop by…  

I Took The Handmade Pledge!