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Yep, we did it again…  🙂

Our local newspaper, Fairbanks Daily Newsminer, had an article about the shop last Sunday!  🙂  They did a great job & made the store sound wonderful…  Well, it is wonderful!  Okay I know that I am biased here.

Things are still moving right along at the store.  Although I think that Rachael & I are in denial about the quantity of work that needs done this month.

So many things have changed in the last 2 weeks.

  • Our partner, Laura, has moved on.  😦  She received a job offer that she couldn’t refuse.  We are happy for her, but miss her all the same.  I did coerce her into helping me at The Holiday Market Place in November, so we will have a day of play there.
  • School started, woo hoo!  But that in itself is another hurdle that we have to jump.  All the after-school activites that our kids are in can put a pinch on our now 2 person shop.  I think it will all be fine once Rachael & I (and our husbands) get some sort of routine down.
  • We have 82 artists now…  Mind boggling isn’t it?
  • We are moving the shop in 22 days, denial is a beautiful thing.  Secretly I am hoping that the painting & moving fairies will show up and do it all for us.
  • Rachael & I have acquired a new partner!  Robyn Neilko will be joining our sassy bunch to bring us up to 3 Stashette’s again.  Yeah…  Robyn brings a ton of personality & vision to the shop and will make for a wonderful new addition.  She has been a Director for Pampered Chef for a while now, and is also one of our artists.  She makes fused glass jewelry in her spare time.

Off for now…  To much work to do and to little time!  🙂

Over the past while, don’t really know how long actually, I have been contemplating about what to do ‘next’ in my life.  While at work the other day cleaning out old emails, I came across this article, my friend Rebecca sent to me in December.  It is wonderful!  Read up…  🙂 

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