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Hey there!!!!  Stashettes here…

I know that this is long over due, and for that we apologize…  Things have been a bit busy around here.

Where do we even begin?  We lost a partner, Laura Walker, she has gone to work at the University now.  But in that transition we also gained a new partner.  Robyn Neilko, has come in as our newest Stashette!  So be sure to give her a warm welcome the next time you are in…

The store has grown to 88 artists, and we are still gaining every week.  Now that this new space is so much bigger, we think we can even accommodate more large pieces of artwork & furniture.  So if that would be you, please contact us & email pictures of your things if they are to big to bring in easily..

We have officially moved to our new location.  So make a note that we are now at 535 Third Avenue, in the lower level.  Just across the street from our old place, look for the yellow sign on the street.  We have a beautiful new space, that is twice the size!  I hope that you can take the time to come by and check things out!  We have so many plans in the works for this new space, I will try to fill you in more below!  October classes are kicking off!  We have a wonderful variety of things to offer, and these will change month to month.

Friday, October 3rd from 5-8 p.m. we would like to invite you to our Re-Grand Opening!  Since it is the first Friday, we will have musicians here playing, goodies to share & lots to share!

First Fridays

The first Friday of every month, 5-8 p.m.

Come and have refreshments and enjoy the featured artists with the ladies of

“The Stash”

You-Name-It Yoga

You Name the time and the place!

Our traveling “Stash” yogi will make house calls. Let us set you up with a private yoga class in your own home. Our certified yoga instructor will teach a class for just you or a small group of friends.

Classes are $25 per person. Limit 5 per class.

Adult Yoga

Tuesdays 6-7pm or Fridays 6:45-7:45am

The Stash yogi, Rachael, will provide a relaxing beginning level, hour long yoga class. Bring your mat and be ready to breath!

$10 per class $15 per private lesson

Parents and Preschoolers Yoga

Wednesday s 11-12

Here is a class that is perfect for parents looking for a special time to reconnect with their little one.  $10 per class


Date and Time to be announced

Jewelry 101: Beading Basics, Class fee: $25, plus $10 for supplies. This is a 2 hour class Stringing, Crimps, Earrings and head pins.  Learn the basics of jewelry design.  Walk out with a lovely bracelet and matching earrings.

Date and Time to be announced

Children’s Beading,  Class fee: $125, plus $25 for supplies, 10 weeks of 1 hour classes- intended for 4th-6th graders, (but I’d make an exception for a 2nd or 3rd grader who already does small detail work) We’ll make a project every week, Projects included are: hairclips, mobiles, necklaces, stretchy bracelets, wire rings.

Hand Spinning

Thursday October 9th 5:30-7pm and Saturday October 11th 11-12:30pm (2 Parts)

Classes are $40 per person

Appropriate for what ages: 10 and up, participants need to have full use of both hands.

Class Description: Participants will become familiar with the spinning process through the use of a drop spindle and a wool blend made specifically for beginning spinners. The second class will be devoted to finishing the newly created yarn, skeining it, setting the twist and then dyeing using Kool-Aid.

Supplies: The cost for each participant includes all materials including a wooden Ashford drop spindle for each participant to keep, and 3 oz of Paradise Fibers Columbia/ Dorset Spinners Blend Roving; which we will turn into yarn suitable for a variety of projects.

Yarn -N- Yoga for Kids

Mondays from 3:30pm to 4:30pm

This will be an open class, for those interested in a beginning crochet class.  There will be 20 minutes of crochet, 20 minutes of yoga, finished with 20 minutes of crochet…

** Parent registration required in order for children to partake in the class!**

Price:  The cost for each individual for the workshop will be $20.  All supplies provided!

Drop in Knitting

Tuesdays and Thursdays 11-1

Classes are $10 per person

Class Description: This is an excellent opportunity for knitters of all skills to come, work on projects, and get that little extra help you need to tackle something new. More fun, and less expensive than private lessons, this time provides opportunity for one-on-one assistance in an open and welcoming atmosphere. Come share your trials and tribulations, as well as your successes!  Supplies: Bring your own project.

Beginning Sewing

Saturday October 18th and 25th , 12-2pm (2 Parts)

Classes are $30 per person

Ages 10 and above

Class Description: We will talk about sewing basics, tools and methods.  Students will leave with a finished project.

Stickin’with K8lyn

Duct tape bags

Saturday October 25th , 2:30-4pm

Classes are $20 per person

Ages 7 and above

Class Description: We will be talking about the basics of duct tape crafts & practicing our skills with measuring & cutting of the tape.  Each student will leave with a small to medium sized bag.

Where in the world….

Yes, yes…  Again, I am still around, and am worn out!  I thought it was time to write another post, since so much has happened and things have changed yet again!  Never dull around here you know… 

Last time I wrote (over a month ago) I had the list below of all our comings & goings.  Seems to be the easiest format to dump copious amounts of information so I will edit/update that list and see what happens!

  • Our house is in the process of selling. (Yippee!)
  • Yep it sold and we finally, as of Tuesday, were out of the old house!  Woo Hoo!  Thane stayed until 4 a.m. cleaning carpets, etc.  He’s a good man!
  • We have been searching for a new house to buy. 
  • Still looking!  But we found a duplex about 20 minutes from town with an incredible view of the Alaska Range.  Small, bright & new covers it.
  • I quit my job.  (Sigh of relief!)
  • What!  Yes, then I ended up getting a full-time temporary position at the school Jolie goes to.  Will be working full time through May 23rd.  I LOVE it!  They let me bring Ali everyday & I get to see lot’s of Jolie during the day too.
  • Thane quit his job.  (Sign of panic!)
  • Yes it was true! 
  • Thane started his own business the same day…  (We have definitely gone crazy now!)
  • And now he is busier than a 1 arm paper hanger… 
  • I am amazed at how many bills can STILL be coming in the mail from Ali’s concussion.   
  • No comment!
  • We have about 4-6 weeks to move.  (Yeah!)
  • Never enough time…  My words of wisdom on moving?  Light a match and walk away.
  • The Stash – on a mini-pause until Thane gets off the ground and we move.
  • I have been getting lots of contacts for vendors who want to consign for the summer.  Also I will get in HIGH Overdrive this summer on The Stash!
  • Sewing stuff: I am finishing a baby quilt, wall hanging for fellowship, Round Robin quilt block, and a surprise for Laura…  🙂  Then it is high overdrive to be ready for Farmers Market.
  • Everything went to storage…  There isn’t room at this new place for my sewing stuff.  😦  Don’t know quite how I am going to handle this one.
  • It was 50+ degrees here, and the girls are playing outside with rubber boots!  Spring has sprung… 
  • Scratch that…  Spring didn’t spring, it delayed/paused for a month until this weekend.  Bummer.
  • We had a HUGE garage sale last weekend in the snow & muddy weather.
  • Jolie was a ‘Flaming Ember’ in North Star Ballet’s version of Cinderella last weekend.  It was beautiful!  She was also double cast as a ‘Lantern Child’ too, so she became master of quick change!
  • Yesterday was Jolie’s end of the year Art show at the studio she takes classes from. 
  • Ali is getting zippy on her bike, and loves to ride.
  • Ali’s preschool graduation is this Wednesday.  🙂  She will be graduating on to Kindergarten next year.  Boy is she ready!
  • I took the Usborne Books out and dusted them off for the IDEA curriculm Fair.  It is always a great show & there is so much cool stuff out there for kids.


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