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Yep, it is official…  Rachael & I are strong believers in denial.  Procrastination is our best friend these days.

To this point, we haven’t gotten much done for the ‘M’ day (i.e. MOVE).  Hung a sign in the window, delivered a few furniture pieces, took a few photos and painted a wall red.

What is left to be done you ask?  EVERYTHING….  🙂  Including our drawing straws ‘event’ for who gets to clean the bathroom for the first time.  The toilet, well, I don’t do things like that well, so I am already starting to gag thinking about it.  I know I am a wienie…  It’s just gross.

So many people have inquired to what our plan is for the move.  So far, closing the shop on Friday & Saturday (this week) and be in by Sunday, up and running by Monday.  🙂  Easy as that!  (Oh, and dreaming about the moving fairies that will come and make it all beautiful & do all the work for us….)

Robyn’s husband, Tony, leaves for Iraq today or Thursday.  So we have been gently planning around that first, because it does take precedence over it all.  Or it at least puts it into perspective for us.  We will miss him!  But guaranteed we will keep Robyn busy & giggling until he gets back…

Okay, I guess, YES I am using even this blog to procrastinate the inevitable…  Back to the task at hand!



So today was the day to make curtains…

It didn’t get done, so I am assuming that makes tomorrow the day to ‘really’ get curtains done.  🙂  You can see the fabric below that we have picked out…  Let me know what you think…  I thought it was pretty cool looking!

We have been slaving away still.  Seeing artists, cleaning, painting, you know the general run down of getting things done by Friday.  But we are really feeling the pressure to get it done & wonderful by Friday!  

I have included some photos for you all to see how things are looking.  Some things are coming together nicely, others (i.e. curtains) seem to keep ending up on the back burner.  Off to bed now!  Chat more soon…


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