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FLATlogoNOWORDSHi all!  Hope you are having a beautiful summer thus far…  It has been a while since we sent you an email, so thought it was about time we got caught up!

First Friday Schedules are ready! We did some planning recently and planned out the themes for some of our upcoming First Friday events.  We hope you can join us and help our artist celebrate their pieces!

August:  All About Acrylics

  • Artists: Amy Komar, Erinn Hatter and Tammy Holland
  • Extras:  Numerology by Dana

September:  Baby Stash (more info on this below)

October:  Art Bras for Breast Cancer Awareness  (more info on this below)

November:  Holiday delectable edibles!  (Just like last year we will feature those who make edible goods, we will take pre-orders for the holidays.)

December:  Glass – all things bright & shiny!

January:  Winter Watercolors

We are also looking for music for our First Fridays!  So if you play, want to jam, hang out or know of a band that needs some extra playing time…  We have great acoustics here, lively atmosphere & would love to hear from you!  Please forward our email or phone 45-STASH.


Non-Profit Line Ups for Fall! We will continue in our effort to give back to our community by supporting more non-profits for the Fall.  Please help us spread the word!

August:  School Supplies for kids in need!  Please bring in extras from your shopping trips to donate!  🙂

September:  Diapers & Wipes recipient TBA.

October:  Silent Auction of Art Bras for Breast Cancer Detection Center  (more info on this below)

Art Bras: The time has come for us to think about Breast Cancer Awareness month here at The Stash!  Last year we were part of the window decorating contest, and this year we will feature a silent auction of Artful Bras, made by our fabulous Fairbanks artists!  🙂

What is an Art Bra you ask???
“An art bra is basically an artistically decorated bra; an embellished bra. Art bras are fun – they are popular items for artists to make for Breast Cancer fundraisers. What you do is take a regular bra – usually padded – and cover it with fabric or beads or paint – or all three plus whatever else comes to mind. Some art bras have a theme, some are serious, some are funny, some are just decorated and given a name.”  Ask the Crafter

These will be featured for October First Friday, and BCDC of Fairbanks will be the recipients of our October Non-Profit.  All proceeds from the silent auction of these bras will be donated to them.

Sale Items: All canes & walking sticks were just marked on sale!  They are beautiful and make great gifts…


Baby Stash! There is something new coming to The Stash, or rather a ‘new’ line of goods!  It is called Baby Stash, and these are items made by our artists that are geared directly towards the babies in our lives.  All items that are in this line will be ‘exclusive‘ items only sold here at The Stash!  We are in need of a nice crib or cradle for this area of the store.  Have one you don’t mind parting with?  Saw one at a friends?  Please let us know!


Therapy! Yep, you read it right!  The Stash is now offering Therapy sessions (aka UFO Night)!  You bring your project & a dish to share and let the session begin.    RSVP so we know how many to expect…  Wednesday, August 19th from 5-8 p.m.  Cost is $5 and be sure to bring what supplies you need to work on!

Upcoming!  Upcoming!  Upcoming!

Class Name:  Pixies, Fairies, and Wee Friends

Description: Jennifer and Miriam will teach you how to make your own tiny fairy dolls and wee folk from wrapped wire bodies to create posable pixies and woodland wee folk that will make wonderful playmates for you and your fairy friends.

Date: Wednesday, August 5th from 3-5 p.m.

Cost: $15 per person or If you book both classes at the same time a special rate of $ 25.00 for both classes is available.

Age Appropriateness: Ages 5 to 105

Class size: Space is limited (10 children under the age of 10) no more than 20 total

Teacher:          Jennifer Eskridge

Supplies: Supplies are included; we will use l felt, chenille stems, wooden beads, and simple embellishments.  Finished Pixies are about 3 inches tall. If you would like to bring items to include in your design remember to keep your wee folk’s size in mind. Found treasures that often make their way into designs might include: Gems, Pebbles, Feathers, Shells, etc

Class Name:  Mixed Media Self Portraits for Kids

Description: We will begin with an introduction to the materials, a brief historical perspective of self portraits, and a few thoughts about why this is a valuable practice whether you identify as an artist or have never picked up a crayon.  The class is interactive, the process is often playful with participants working together to generate ideas It is intended for artists of all levels, it will include some basic instruction on the scale in regard to the human body as needed or desired, but will not focus on this information, instead focusing on the creative process.

Dates:   Wednesday, August 12th from 3-5 p.m.

Cost:     $20 per person

Age Appropriateness: age 8 and up

Class size: 5 person limit

Teacher:          Jennifer Eskridge

Supplies: All supplies provided.  Please bring duplicates of any photos you may want to incorporate in to your artwork. (Photos are optional)

Class Name:  Summer Yoga

Description: The Stash yogi, Rachael, will provide a relaxing beginning level, hour long yoga class.  Bring your mat and be ready to breathe!

Date: Thursdays from 6-7 p.m.
Fridays from 8:30-9:30 a.m.

Cost: $10 per class $15 per private lesson

Supplies:          All supplies provided

Age Appropriateness: 13 & up

Class size:        5 person limit

Teacher:          Rachael Brechan

Supplies: Bring your yoga mat!

Class Name: Beginning Sewing

Description: This is about sewing basics, tools patterns and methods.  We will cover hand sewing, basic embroidery stitches, and the beginning of machine sewing.  All students will leave with a finished project

Date: By appointment only

Time: 6 hour class (broken into 3 segments)

Cost: $125

Age Appropriateness:      8 and above

Class size: Private class

Teacher:            Various teachers available

Supplies:           All supplies provided!

Class Name: Knitting

Description: Come deal with your knitting “issues” in a one-on-one environment. This is an excellent opportunity to get started on a new skill, or to get help fixing a heinous knitting emergency.   What ever you decide, it’s all about you!

Date: By appointment only

Cost: $15 per hour

Age Appropriateness:      8 and above

Class size: Private class

Teacher:            Caitlin Winebarger

Supplies:           All supplies provided!

Here is our first blog by one of our WONDERFUL artist!

The Importance of Knowing Things and The Utilitarianism of Craft

by:  Caitlin Montague-W.

Long-gone are the days of saving scraps, mending, and reworking; so much so that the entire idea of crafting or perhaps the idea of being a craftsman is no longer looked upon with a sense of utilitarian, homemaking longing. Long winter evenings are rarely spent on handiworks, and a rainy day is more often an excuse to watch television than start and finish a project. I often wonder if the ability to create, fix and make-do even a treasured value in this day of Blackberries and Wal-Mart.

It is part of the human condition to create, it has been a matter of necessity to make things for a household, and it is a luxury to take time to craft a beautiful thing for a gift. What we make as craftsmen is an extension of our soul, it is part of our heart, passed through our hands and into a garment, onto canvas, or through a tool to a turning lathe. As craftsmen, we call upon a long line of talent before us, and as we use modern conveniences to make our crafting lives easier, one wonders if the crafter is allowing the technology to take over the technique.

We live in a world where baskets and blankets can be made in factories, in a fully automated way devoid of human hands, human hearts, and stories. The stitches and weavings and carvings passed down and developed through generations have been infringed upon by mechanisms. This not only degrades the crafts, but the craftsmen themselves. We should not be ashamed if we can only create simple, plain things, we should not be ashamed if we are able create beautiful things, what we should be ashamed of is the lack of want to learn, and the impulse to buy something crafted by machine.

Perhaps we are too busy in this life to craft, especially to craft simple things for the home, or to mend. Where have all the homemakers gone? For those with no time, I hope they find comfort in a quilt stitched without a human touch. For me, I hope to be surrounded by things with a story, made by a craftsman who takes pride in their work.

It is strange to think that the same mechanisms that provided the western world with the luxuries of free time, would then devoid us of the wont of crafting expression. As a society we must relearn and take back those skills that help make a home a home. Crafting should not become obsolete, it is important to know how to make things, and it is equally important to make them, allow others to see you making them, and to teach those others to make their own. It is in this way that we connect with each other, enriching our own lives and the lives of others with things that you cannot get on the Internet, and making bonds that go beyond the TV.

If you would like to see more of Caitlin’s work, come by the shop!

What it’s like in here today…

Some days I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by such lovely goodness.  Realizing how many artists we have creating the things for the store, makes me happy!  The energy that comes from these handmade items is good for the soul.

I do wonder how many people can ‘feel’ the difference in a handmade item vs. a random store bought item?  That might be a good survey sometime.  🙂

So I thought I would share some pictures of some of the items that caught my eye today.

Enjoy!  If you have questions or need to purchase something that you see, just let us know.  We are more than happy to help you out!

Thank you for supporting the Art of Handmade & Shopping Local!  There is nothing that will sustain a community longer than doing just that!

Hi…  Just wanted to let you know about the upcoming items that we have going on here in the shop for this week and next.
New Product!
Wow, spring has sprung and so have our artists!  We love it…  There is a LARGE amount of new products in the store.  Seems that everyday a new artist comes our way.  Everything from pottery, jewelry, watercolors, purses, etc.

May Sale!

Many of our artists have made a point to mark some of their goodies down!  Just in time for Mothers Day, Graduations, Weddings and all that comes along this time of year.  So don’t delay in checking these items out as they won’t be around for long I am sure.


Punch Cards are now in!

The punch cards are completed & have arrived!  These make the perfect gifts for classes, yoga sessions, sewing lounge hours.  So be sure to ask the next time you are in for yours…

Due to the extreme beautiful weather, we are going to post-pone Therapy sessions until the snow falls again!  Who wants to be inside when we could all be OUT doing fun things with out having to wear a coat!  🙂  So keep your eyes peeled for more on this in the future.


Extra Fabric to donate!

Thank you,  Thank you, Thank you to all who donated material for the lap blanket project for the Fairbanks Alzheimer’s Association.  It was such a pleasure to have so many choices of color & texture to work with.  And as you know, many hands make light work!  BUT that has also left us with an inordinate amount of left over fabric.

Do you know of a cause that is in need of some material?  If so, please email us or call us and let us know so we can contact them.  We would dearly LOVE to share the wealth that we received with this project!
Hat-Attack! (A day dedicated to crocheting/knitting hats for cancer patients)

Saturday May 9th from 12-4 p.m.

Who:  Anyone interested in joining who can knit or crochet!  Bring your self, a friend, a relative and enjoy a day of hat making. Can’t knit or crochet?  Come and hang out, eat snacks and LEARN how!  Or take a class before May 9th from one of our great teachers at the shop.

Details:  The shop, couches, chairs will be open for all warm bodies!  Please come and bring a snack if you want…  Should be a fun day!

Extras:  Can’t make it to the Hat-Attack but still want to help?  Feel free to drop off handmade hats at The Stash no later than May 31st.

Helpful hints:

  • An excellent source for patterns is
  • Hats knit with brown fun fur are in demand.
  • For summer, any color fun fur is good.
  • Cotton hats for sleeping are desirable.
  • Make sure the yarn you use is SOFT!

For more information, please call The Stash at 457-8274.

Last summer, after we first opened our doors here at The Stash, we hosted our first Non-Profit here in Fairbanks!  This was the beginning of our monthly service projects called The Stash Lends a Hand!

The Stashettes hosted a Knit-a-thon for the Interior Alaska Cancer Association with Soroptimist.  Soroptimist International of Fairbanks is a group of professional women who work to improve the lives of women and children. The local group has an on-going project to knit/crochet hats for women who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy.


The adult yoga class will now be meeting on Thursdays from 6-7 p.m.  Please call ahead to RSVP so we can make sure we have you down on the list!

Yep, it is official…  Rachael & I are strong believers in denial.  Procrastination is our best friend these days.

To this point, we haven’t gotten much done for the ‘M’ day (i.e. MOVE).  Hung a sign in the window, delivered a few furniture pieces, took a few photos and painted a wall red.

What is left to be done you ask?  EVERYTHING….  🙂  Including our drawing straws ‘event’ for who gets to clean the bathroom for the first time.  The toilet, well, I don’t do things like that well, so I am already starting to gag thinking about it.  I know I am a wienie…  It’s just gross.

So many people have inquired to what our plan is for the move.  So far, closing the shop on Friday & Saturday (this week) and be in by Sunday, up and running by Monday.  🙂  Easy as that!  (Oh, and dreaming about the moving fairies that will come and make it all beautiful & do all the work for us….)

Robyn’s husband, Tony, leaves for Iraq today or Thursday.  So we have been gently planning around that first, because it does take precedence over it all.  Or it at least puts it into perspective for us.  We will miss him!  But guaranteed we will keep Robyn busy & giggling until he gets back…

Okay, I guess, YES I am using even this blog to procrastinate the inevitable…  Back to the task at hand!


Yep, we did it again…  🙂

Our local newspaper, Fairbanks Daily Newsminer, had an article about the shop last Sunday!  🙂  They did a great job & made the store sound wonderful…  Well, it is wonderful!  Okay I know that I am biased here.

Things are still moving right along at the store.  Although I think that Rachael & I are in denial about the quantity of work that needs done this month.

So many things have changed in the last 2 weeks.

  • Our partner, Laura, has moved on.  😦  She received a job offer that she couldn’t refuse.  We are happy for her, but miss her all the same.  I did coerce her into helping me at The Holiday Market Place in November, so we will have a day of play there.
  • School started, woo hoo!  But that in itself is another hurdle that we have to jump.  All the after-school activites that our kids are in can put a pinch on our now 2 person shop.  I think it will all be fine once Rachael & I (and our husbands) get some sort of routine down.
  • We have 82 artists now…  Mind boggling isn’t it?
  • We are moving the shop in 22 days, denial is a beautiful thing.  Secretly I am hoping that the painting & moving fairies will show up and do it all for us.
  • Rachael & I have acquired a new partner!  Robyn Neilko will be joining our sassy bunch to bring us up to 3 Stashette’s again.  Yeah…  Robyn brings a ton of personality & vision to the shop and will make for a wonderful new addition.  She has been a Director for Pampered Chef for a while now, and is also one of our artists.  She makes fused glass jewelry in her spare time.

Off for now…  To much work to do and to little time!  🙂

Holy cow! Only 8 days left… We have been working hard to get the shop finished up, and it is looking so much better. I am describing it as ‘de-dumpifying’… Since it was a huge dump when we moved in. Hopefully our changes are helping!

We got the flooring done, and that was a job as each wall had tile that needed to be cut. Tomorrow we will put up the baseboard.

Today was the 2nd day of having consignors come in. 🙂 That was so cool to see all the nifty things coming through the store. I will take some photos once we un-box all their things. Beautiful glass jewelry, some amazing dolls, felted pincushions, watercolor paintings & cards. Whew… There were 10 artist that came through today, and more in the next few days.

Here are some pictures… The Mini-Stashettes, 4 out of the 8 between Rachael/Laura/Myself, have been good helpers, and the Mom’s are trying to not let them annoy us. 🙂 They like to sweep/swifter, tile, chase each other A LOT! In the front of the shop there is a long bench in the window that they all like to play on, and wave to people as they pass by.

It has been 2 weeks since I have written anything on my blog.  Where does the time go?  What has been going on around here…  I think we are stuck in a time vacuum!

In reality, I finally finished my job last week, so that task can be checked off.  Spring Break for the kids is this week. 3/4 of the house (everyone except for myself) has had the flu.  I went to Tacoma, WA to a conference for 2 days, Thane has ‘officially’ gone out on his own as a residential designer,and now has LOTS of creative/interesting jobs to play with and some really cool people to hang with.

There are changes happening, but they seem to be all for the good! 

So as the house was showing again today, we made yet another trip to our local Barnes & Noble…  I know, I know, we should be at Gulliver’s the local bookstore.. But as the kids would say, “They don’t have trains to play with!” so purely for the pleasure of 30 minutes of quiet paroosing (sp?) of books, Thane & I went to Barnes & Noble.

And to what did my wandering eyes find???  The latest Craft magazine!  Woo Hoo…  I frequent their website & blog often, so I was excited to get an actual magazine to put my hot little hands on.  The whole issue is on PLAY!!!  Cool isn’t it?  As I open it up, I always like to read the letter from the editor, her word for this issue was FLOW.  The editor looked the word up on Wikipedia, and their definition of flow is:

Flow is the mental state of operation in which the person is fully immersed in what he or she is doing,characterized by a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and success in the process of the activity.  Colloquial terms for this or similar mental states include: to be on the ballin the zone, or in the groove.

I like it…  Seems to sum things up for The Stash as well as Thane’s business called Boreal Symmetry.  They are in a flow, a rhythm.  Even though we are still forming the plans as we go, excitement is brewing!  For me bringing the warm fuzzies to craftivists out there & sharing that knowledge & love with others is a wonderful thing.  It creates good energy and a wonderful community. 

Do something today that will get YOU in the flow of things!

Things are coming together on The Stash front!  I am amazed at how many people are so EXCITED about this idea…  The database is being built to accommodate teachers, art/craft mediums and consignors.  Woo Hoo!

So far I have teachers willing to teach in these areas:

  • Native Beading
  • Journaling (ages from 4 to 94)
  • Quilting
  • Glass (fused)
  • Metal (small items: jewelry/bookmarks/etc.)
  • Needle felting

Other areas that I would LOVE to have:

  • Watercolor
  • Knitting
  • Crochet
  • Paper
  • Poetry writing
  • Beaded jewelry
  • Baby shower craft ideas
  • Bridal shower craft ideas

There are actually so many more, but you get the picture… 

So please forward me anyone you know in the Fairbanks area that would be interested in teaching ‘their thing’ or selling ‘their thing’ in the boutique!  Or better yet, forward this blog on to them and have them contact me!

Now have you gotten this far, and still don’t know what this is about? 

The Stash: A place for learning and creating all things handmade.

We will have a great lounge and classroom for learning.  Boutique on the front with ALL local and ALL handmade items for your shopping pleasure.  I am curious what ‘buying local’ would do to our economy and the sustainability of our communities.  What better way to do that, than with your neighbors.  Plus there is a HUGE factor in communities that need to come together and support each other, that can be done in the classroom/lounge.  There is something very therapeutic about creating things, whether it is with your hands/heart/mind. 

It is funny, that I am totally into this aspect of the business, but the one thing that terrifies me are the financials!  🙂  So I am going back to the Small Business Development Center to hone those skills. 

Love to hear from you!

I Took The Handmade Pledge!