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When we moved into our new home on Third Avenue, we adopted a small piece of furniture.  It had great bones, and I am sure a lovely story behind it.  Yep, it is the little white changing table with blue & yellow paint splattered on it.  See, bottom left part of this ‘nice’ photo. 

But let’s face it, it needed a new life.  🙂  After all, it will be living in here…

So here the story goes…

Once upon a time there were 3 Stashettes, we had a lovely new store, with a very ugly bathroom!  One day, a brilliant artist came by to visit.  She made dandy things, and with a wave of her brush cast a spell upon us with her ‘modge podge’ magic and we were transfixed.  Yep, you heard it, transfixed!  The stories she told & the art that she showed, struck us to the core & were something to behold.  It was her, can you believe it, the answer to our prayers!

We worked & talked, talked & worked, and from all that the ideas flowed like glue off her bristals.  She knew we were a sassy bunch, and not just any old thing would do!

Princess Jennifer set out to rescue us!  And breath new life into this room with the loo.

The color, the fabric & vision must be just right, for this room with a throne, to behold such a crew.  Princess Jennifer sanded, painted and glued til it stuck!

And alas, it is time for revealing our own sweet Hilda.

Yep, Hilda is her name, that red-headed gal.  Her curves & smirk are the ‘perfect’ fit for our bunch!

Thank you Princess Jennifer, for all you do.  We are waiting impatiently for you to be through.  Your vision & story we can not undo.  Patience simply is not a Stashette virtue.  I had to share with you, because each day is something a new.

(This story was written to honor Jennifer with her WONDERFUL artwork & story that she can create.  I will keep posting photos as she progresses with the project!  We are so proud of her and they way this piece is turning out…  Now the pressure will be on to re-vamp the bathroom to match this piece of art!  Hilda is the name of our dresser, and it is the name of the woman in the pictures.  She was painted by Duane Bryers, this piece is in honor of all the wonderful qualities he captured and shared with us via Hilda, his favorite subject.)

Okay so today is the day…  The day that it hit me we have only 10 days left to opening!  AND that includes today. 

What to do?  What to do?

Get to work!  That’s what…

I must say that there are a MILLION things ‘to do’ going through my head, but I have to stop myself and be so grateful for having Rachael & Laura to share this with.  To me, it has made ALL the difference in the world.  It is a dream come true, that I was to scared to do on my own. 

Thank you girls for pushing me to the next level in my life!

Here are some updated photos after our work yesterday…

I Took The Handmade Pledge!