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Alas, some photos of our new shop, and from Grand Opening last night…

We all had an amazing time!  The place was packed, the music was great, and things went perfectly…  Thank you to all of you who came and for those that were thinking of us from afar.

Since Friday, we have been in a whirlwind it seems. A bit of let down tired that is for sure… 🙂 Can’t imagine why? Getting the boutique cranked out in 3 weeks was a lot of work (3 moms, 8 kids, and a few husbands thrown in there for the manly stuff), especially if you saw it ‘before‘ we converted it over.

Now that the store is open, we have been spending some time cleaning, resting, delighting ourselves with the customers as they come through. So nice to hear all the great feedback from them. The Stashettes feel pretty honored to carry the artwork we have AND be able to represent the artists here in our community. As I sit here now, we have 37 different artists represented in the store. Pretty cool huh? Even some are writing in their blogs about us, see here

Our next hurdle you ask? Starting to find artists who would like to teach some classes! I am putting information together, and would love your feedback!

  • What kind of classes are you interested in taking?
  • What kind of classes are you interested in teaching?
  • What fees should we pay the teachers?
  • Class sizes?

Oh! Do I hear a challenge or contest coming on? I will put my thinking cap on about it, and see what I can do for a contest. There is also our signage that needs work! We need to do another folding sign for 2nd Street, and something above our window. Sigh, oh and the painting of the shingles outside. The list never ends it seems. 🙂

Okay, enough! I have to get back to work. We recieved more candy from Gretchen’s Creations today, so need to get it tagged! (For those that are local, we have more caramels in!!! 🙂 )

Thank you to all of you for posting comments & keeping up with my blogs. Your support has been so important to Laura, Rachael & myself.

Happy Summer!

So before I hear everyone yelling at me, I thouhgt I should post some pictures and a bit of information from our Grand Opening!

Below are a smattering of pictures through the evening. Our friend Victoria did the side walk paintings, aren’t they fun… Her dog, Itchy, sat in the window for a long time and watched them work. She was the cutest.

There are some photos of just the shop for those of you who couldn’t be here to see it in person!

We were packed, over 250 people cruised through & shopped in about 3 hours! It was so cool to see The Stash filled up!

A great big shout out to ALL of you who helped us survive these few past weeks. Rachael, Laura & I are glad to have this hurdle out of the way, so we can get on to better & bigger things.

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