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Well, we worked like dogs this weekend…  And we got it, well at least 80% of the new shop up & going.  🙂

Friday was crazy!  The old shop was completely empty by 3 p.m. and all moved over to the new place.  Papa Stash (i.e. Russ) was a HUGE help here!  Not only did he move stuff, but then he set up our computer system too!  If you know me (Janie) then you know that stuff is way over my head…

Bre came to help & even brought her stroller to move some things over too, her and Katelynn (Robyn’s daughter) did wonders with their wheels.  🙂  Laura brought my dolly over on her lunch break!  Yep, anything with wheels was much appreciated.  Natasha (Robyn’s daughter) & Robyn stuffed boxes, Rachael, Janie, Jolie, Ali, Thane & Mike all moved things!

Here are some

of the progress of the day…

Saturday was much of the same…  Well, unpacking rather!  New (to us) cabinets came, backroom was made more kid friendly for all our little one’s.  Pizza party, unpacking, shifting of the shit from one place to another…  That really is what this felt like after a while.

Sunday, the day of hanging.  Not each other, but pictures.  🙂  Many of the things went UP on the walls on Sunday…  Photos, paintings, curtains, shelves, hooks, hangers, and all.  It is all melting together & starting to work out.  We still can’t believe how much more room we have in this new place.  It has even worked out to leave most of the carpet free & clear for all of Rachael’s yoga classes too!

Today I am covering the back of the desk that we are using for checking out customers.  Filling storage shelves in the backroom.

This week, I will get the base cabinets & countertops for the sewing center.  Re-working the brochures to be ready for First Friday & our Re-Grand Opening Friday night.

Whew…  It was a whirlwind, and I definitely need a NAP!

Yep, it is official…  Rachael & I are strong believers in denial.  Procrastination is our best friend these days.

To this point, we haven’t gotten much done for the ‘M’ day (i.e. MOVE).  Hung a sign in the window, delivered a few furniture pieces, took a few photos and painted a wall red.

What is left to be done you ask?  EVERYTHING….  🙂  Including our drawing straws ‘event’ for who gets to clean the bathroom for the first time.  The toilet, well, I don’t do things like that well, so I am already starting to gag thinking about it.  I know I am a wienie…  It’s just gross.

So many people have inquired to what our plan is for the move.  So far, closing the shop on Friday & Saturday (this week) and be in by Sunday, up and running by Monday.  🙂  Easy as that!  (Oh, and dreaming about the moving fairies that will come and make it all beautiful & do all the work for us….)

Robyn’s husband, Tony, leaves for Iraq today or Thursday.  So we have been gently planning around that first, because it does take precedence over it all.  Or it at least puts it into perspective for us.  We will miss him!  But guaranteed we will keep Robyn busy & giggling until he gets back…

Okay, I guess, YES I am using even this blog to procrastinate the inevitable…  Back to the task at hand!


Today was the day that it all started.  Well, okay, the actual ‘work’ started on the new shop.  🙂  You can see in the photos below what the shop looks like now.  Rachael got herself busy on the red wall.  That will be the sewing wall, so picture a really long counter with a few base cabinets in there & about 4-5 sewing machines available to sew on.  Yummy huh?

Check out the wood beamed ceiling!  Isn’t that great?

The long wall on the right will be yellow.  I got the electrical stuff all taped off, so we can crank that out.

Moving is scheduled for Friday thru Sunday the 26t-28th!  Keep your fingers crossed that it all goes well.

Hi there…  Janie here from The Stash!

We have had a busy week here at the shop!  There are many things going on, changing and evolving for us.  We will see if I can fill you in below:

  • The Stash on the Road:  Holiday Market Place!  Thank you again to you all who will be joining us on that venture.  We really appreciate your support and are looking forward to hitting a whole different target market with The Stash.  We only needed 21 artists to join in order for The Stash to be able to afford to go.  Booth fees are outrageous at $525, naturally most of us ‘individual’ artists have not been able to pay.  But as a group, we have collectively come up with the funds & The Stash will man the booth!  Woo Hoo!
  • Artists Message Board:  There has been a request, that we are more than willing to help with.  🙂  Artists, we will have a message board for you, set up in our classroom.  This is for you to post artistic items that you have for sale or would like to trade.  Use it as much as you can and check it often for great deals!  
  • Website:  Yes, we are going to be doing one and it is in the works for this Fall…  Will let you know more as we know more…  🙂 
  • Classes: Who wants to teach & when?  Day time slots are good, and would be a perfect time to work with homeschool groups.  Evenings are great and we would love to hear about your ideas…  Rachael is taking on this class scheduling baby, so she would be the perfect one to answer your questions.  
  • Moving:  Yep, that is what that word means…  The Stash has outgrown its current location in the short 11 weeks since Grand Opening!  The venue is moving, but I guarantee you it is a most fabulous spot.  We are doubling the space, increasing wall area, adding a bathroom (yes!!!!! we have been working for this long with out a bathroom in our shop!), and setting up a permanent place for the sewing lounge.  Our new address will be: 535 3rd Avenue, Suite B.  So please let us know if you have any questions about any of this and Laura, Rachael & I will be glad to help you.  Our new Grand Re-Opening will be on Friday October 3rd!  When we talked about this today we realized that we opened with around 30 artists, and at last count today we are at 74!  Way to go Fairbanks…
  • Inventory:  Holidays are coming!  We hope to have a great selection for our customers in the store and at ‘Roady’ shop when we are out doing events.  A new little ditty will be our holiday baskets, made for all different people, following all different themes, and selling for all different prices.  Should make some shopping easier that is for sure.
  • Fixtures:  As we grow the business to help support all the wonderful artwork & pretties, we are always searching for neat items to display things on.  So this would be an all call for cool things.  🙂  Have some furniture around that you aren’t using, or something creative in mind, LET US KNOW!  We would love to hear your ideas, and see your things. (Emailing pictures works great for us if they are to big to bring in!)
  • First Fridays:  We have all the First Friday themes planned from now through December.  They are as follows:
    • September 5th:  All things by kids and/or for kids (Here we will highlight our youth artists in the shop and their wonderful work.  We will also feature all things made for kids too!) 
    • October 3rd:  The Stash Unplugged (Fairbanks very own musicians, music writers and music makers all in one  place.  Lively jam sessions, unique mixes too!) 
    • November 7th:  Recycle, Reuse, Rethink and Give (So many of our products are made out of environmentally friendly materials or items that had a previous life as something else, come and see the unique and thoughtful way these artists work.) 
    • December 5th:  Share the warmth (Hats, Mittens, Scarves oh my…  It is bringing forth all things to warm you up and those of others!) 
  • Newspaper article:  Fairbanks Daily Newsminer was in today for an interview!  Yeah…  Looks like there will be an article coming next Sunday on Aug. 31st in the business section.  Keep your fingers crossed in hopes that it all comes out as cool as the interview went.

Whew, I feel like I need to take a nap now!  🙂 
Cheers – The Stashette’s

Where in the world….

Yes, yes…  Again, I am still around, and am worn out!  I thought it was time to write another post, since so much has happened and things have changed yet again!  Never dull around here you know… 

Last time I wrote (over a month ago) I had the list below of all our comings & goings.  Seems to be the easiest format to dump copious amounts of information so I will edit/update that list and see what happens!

  • Our house is in the process of selling. (Yippee!)
  • Yep it sold and we finally, as of Tuesday, were out of the old house!  Woo Hoo!  Thane stayed until 4 a.m. cleaning carpets, etc.  He’s a good man!
  • We have been searching for a new house to buy. 
  • Still looking!  But we found a duplex about 20 minutes from town with an incredible view of the Alaska Range.  Small, bright & new covers it.
  • I quit my job.  (Sigh of relief!)
  • What!  Yes, then I ended up getting a full-time temporary position at the school Jolie goes to.  Will be working full time through May 23rd.  I LOVE it!  They let me bring Ali everyday & I get to see lot’s of Jolie during the day too.
  • Thane quit his job.  (Sign of panic!)
  • Yes it was true! 
  • Thane started his own business the same day…  (We have definitely gone crazy now!)
  • And now he is busier than a 1 arm paper hanger… 
  • I am amazed at how many bills can STILL be coming in the mail from Ali’s concussion.   
  • No comment!
  • We have about 4-6 weeks to move.  (Yeah!)
  • Never enough time…  My words of wisdom on moving?  Light a match and walk away.
  • The Stash – on a mini-pause until Thane gets off the ground and we move.
  • I have been getting lots of contacts for vendors who want to consign for the summer.  Also I will get in HIGH Overdrive this summer on The Stash!
  • Sewing stuff: I am finishing a baby quilt, wall hanging for fellowship, Round Robin quilt block, and a surprise for Laura…  🙂  Then it is high overdrive to be ready for Farmers Market.
  • Everything went to storage…  There isn’t room at this new place for my sewing stuff.  😦  Don’t know quite how I am going to handle this one.
  • It was 50+ degrees here, and the girls are playing outside with rubber boots!  Spring has sprung… 
  • Scratch that…  Spring didn’t spring, it delayed/paused for a month until this weekend.  Bummer.
  • We had a HUGE garage sale last weekend in the snow & muddy weather.
  • Jolie was a ‘Flaming Ember’ in North Star Ballet’s version of Cinderella last weekend.  It was beautiful!  She was also double cast as a ‘Lantern Child’ too, so she became master of quick change!
  • Yesterday was Jolie’s end of the year Art show at the studio she takes classes from. 
  • Ali is getting zippy on her bike, and loves to ride.
  • Ali’s preschool graduation is this Wednesday.  🙂  She will be graduating on to Kindergarten next year.  Boy is she ready!
  • I took the Usborne Books out and dusted them off for the IDEA curriculm Fair.  It is always a great show & there is so much cool stuff out there for kids.


The Stash Update…  And other life mysteries under our roof!

Yes, yes…  I am still around.  Am getting the hint from your emails that I haven’t written on my blog in a bit.  Or at least nothing of much importance!  🙂 

Probably because things are crazy around here!  Okay, that term is nothing new for our house, BUT it has been ‘especially’ crazy lately.  A few things that have happened in no certain order:

  • Our house is in the process of selling. (Yippee!)
  • We have been searching for a new house to buy. 
  • Bank took away 1/2 our financing because Thane is now self-employed.  Guess that makes us ‘risky’ or something… (@#$%^&* bleeping banks)
  • I quit my job a month ago.  (Sigh of relief!)
  • Thane quit his job a month ago.  (Sign of panic!)
  • Thane started his own business the same day…  (We have definitely gone crazy now!)
  • I am amazed at how many bills can STILL be coming in the mail from Ali’s concussion.   
  • Thane is now ‘super-duper’ busy designing really cool homes for really neat clients!  (He is very happy too, another sigh of relief!)
  • We didn’t find a home to buy in our price range that wasn’t a dump.  (Frustrating)
  • We signed a lease on a small duplex to rent for a year, in the hills and with a gorgeous view of the Alaska Range.  Ahhh.  (That is a much needed sigh of relief!)
  • I am temporarily subbing for a secretary at my daughter’s elementary school!  (SOOOO much fun to see all the kids again & eat lunch with Jolie every day.)
  • We have about 4-6 weeks to move.  (Yeah!)
  • Thane is beginning to enjoy architecture again! 🙂
  • The Stash – on a mini-pause until Thane gets off the ground and we move.
  • Sewing stuff: I am finishing a baby quilt, wall hanging for fellowship, Round Robin quilt block, and a surprise for Laura…  🙂  Then it is high overdrive to be ready for Farmers Market.
  • It was 50+ degrees here, and the girls are playing outside with rubber boots!  Spring has sprung… 
  • Girls tried to catch a butterfly today, but it was only yesterday we got 2 inches of snow????  What is that about?

Okay now those were only the things that I could come up with off the cuff.  I am sure that I am missing something major and many things that are minor…  But I think you get the picture… 

Will try to be better about writing on a more regular basis! 

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