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December is upon us, so I thought I should get on this blog…

I can’t believe how much we are doing around The Stash every day, and it seems there is always more to DO!  What is up with that?  🙂  We are only up to 102 artists right now, maybe that has something to do with it, and the fact that we took the show on the road this month too, or the fact that we are moving the shop all around to get ready for the holidays???  Hmmm, maybe, just maybe that has something to do with it…  🙂

Some other things are happening too!

Our blog is now evolving into a website (Thank you Jana Peirce).  So now you can check here for the latest information on classes & eventsI will still send out a couple of emails a month, but don’t want to overload the in-boxes with to much.

Holiday hours! We are now open on Sundays from 12-5 p.m. during the month of December.  Hopefully this will help with the holiday shopping needs!  Monday thru Saturday we will continue to be open from 10-6 p.m.

Other special things???

  • We are now carrying some Judaica items.  Chanukah starts on December 21st, so come by and check out what we have, they are beautiful. 021022
  • Ornaments, we have a great selection of handmade ornaments for your trees, garlands, gifts and more. Everything from snowmen, angels, trees & etc.0190772017020
  • Scarfs…  There is a huge assortment of scarves in the shop right now.  All different kinds from dressy, casual, table, mantel, wool, alpaca, cotton, lacy, etc.  🙂
  • Shirts! Yep, we have Stash shirts available…  They have our really cool logo that was done by Jen Otey.  Long sleeve are $30 & short sleeve are $15, these could be really cool gifts for the artists in your life.023
  • Classes over the winter break! We have several classes that will be offered during the winter break.  Some for kids, some for adults, some for both…  So use this time to get out of the house, and ‘try’ something new.  Many of our artists will be offering their services during this time.  Start your new year with a new talent/hobby/skill!  Check back here: Classes section, often to see what the classes will be…
  • Blanket Drive we are up to 35 blankets for North Star Council of Aging…  Isn’t that great?
  • First Friday, December 5th from 5-8 p.m. is all about WarmthWe will have some artists in house.  Featuring all the things that make you warm & cozy during the winter!  Everything from hats, scarves, tea, essential oils, candy, mittens, blankets and more.  Eat, drink, enjoy local art and be merry with the Stashettes…

Sigh!  Okay, lastly, we want to THANK you for being a part of this growing community here at The Stash!  We have about a week (Dec. 6th) until we turn over our 6 month anniversary, and it is phenomenal how many things have happened, and changes that have been made.  Thank you to our artists who have allowed us the privilege of showing your items, and thank you to Fairbanks, for the support and remembering to Shop Local & Buy Handmade!


dsc00011.jpgsmallmoose.jpgflowerangel.jpgragflowers2.jpgragmooseangel.pngsmall3snowmen.jpgThese are some of the appliqued tote bags and purses that I have done over the years.  Can’t believe I have been selling these and others for about 6 years now.  Where does the time go?  🙂 

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